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Book Release Events Scheduled for Ellen White Book


By: Rosa Jimenez

Co-Editor and Chapter Author Terrie Aamodt to Sign Books

The book is published by Oxford University Press, the oldest university press in the world.

Two book signings for the newly released book "Ellen Harmon White: American Prophet" will be held this weekend. Professor Terrie Dopp Aamodt, one the book’s three co-editors and a chapter author, will sign copies of the new book published by Oxford University Press.

The first signing event will be held Friday, April 25, at 4 p.m. in the Administration Building lobby. It follows a homecoming seminar by Aamodt titled “Ellen White and the Public.” Aamodt wrote one chapter of the book on this topic. The seminar will be held in the building’s Room 117.

On Sunday, April 27, at 9:30 a.m., Aamodt will sign books at the ABC Christian Family Bookstore at 505 S. College Avenue (across from post office).

The books available at the signing events are among the first that have been released by Oxford University Press. The new biography will be published officially in May.

The book, intended for non-Adventist readers, will introduce the Adventist prophet to general readers as well as to history students and teachers. In 18 chapters prepared by 20 authors, "Ellen Harmon White: American Prophet" examines her ideas and the impact she has made on the Seventh-day Adventist church and American religion generally. The book's other two editors are historians Gary Land and Ronald L. Numbers.

“Scholars have identified Ellen White with Anne Hutchinson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mary Baker Eddy, and Aimee Semple McPherson as one of the most prominent women in American religious history,” said co-editor Aamodt, professor of history at Walla Walla University, “yet she is one of the least studied and understood.”

The book’s chapters and authors include:
“Foreword” Grant Wacker, professor of Christian history, Duke University
1. “A Portrait” Jonathan Butler, independent scholar, Ph.D. in church history, Duke University
2. “Visions” Ann Taves, professor of religious studies, University of California, Santa Barbara
3. “Testimonies” Graeme Sharrock, doctoral candidate, University of Chicago
4. “Prophet” Ronald Graybill, independent scholar, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
5. “Author” Arthur Patrick, senior research fellow, Avondale College (deceased)
6. “Speaker” Terrie Aamodt, professor of history and English, Walla Walla University
7. “Builder” Floyd Greenleaf, emeritus professor of history, Southern Adventist University; and Jerry Moon, professor, chair of church history, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University
8. “Theology” Fritz Guy, research professor of Philosophical Theology, La Sierra University
9. “Practical Theology” Bert Haloviak, former director of the office of archives and statistics, Adventist World Headquarters
10. “Second Coming” Jonathan Butler
11. “Science and Medicine, Ronald L. Numbers, Hillsdale Professor Emeritus of the History of Science and Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Rennie B. Schoepflin, associate dean and professor of history, College of Natural and Social Sciences, California State University, Los Angeles
12. “Society” Douglas Morgan, professor of history and political studies, Washington Adventist University
13. “Culture” Benjamin McArthur, professor of history, Southern Adventist University
14. “Race” Eric Anderson, president, Southwestern Adventist University
15. “Gender” Laura Vance, director of gender and women’s studies program, Warren Wilson College
16. “Death and Burial” T. Joe Willey, independent scholar, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
17. “Legacy” Paul McGraw, professor of history, Pacific Union College; and Gilbert Valentine, professor, chair of educational leadership, La Sierra University
18. “Biographies” Gary Land, emeritus professor of history, Andrews University

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