Joe checks out the Fort Walla Walla cavalry barn during the Honors Retreat.
Rebecca, Robyn, and Brittany explore the ruins of Fort Walla Walla. Veterans of the WWU Honors Program, they helped host the freshman retreat.
Stage Two: Perhaps a melodious musical offering will move Professor Bond to hear their request with favor. (Julian Weller and Logan Villarreal beg for an A in Honors Writing during the 2010 Captain Billy party.)
Stage Three: Begging–the final option.
Professor Thompson sings his ode to The Bomb during the 2010 Captain Billy party.
The smoke–it came right out of that window!
After the smoke cleared, Chelsea, a graduating senior, relates her honors experience–via rap.
Miles: Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be . . . Captain Billy. (2010)

Freshman Honors Retreat, September 2009

Dan Lamberton leads a writing exercise.

At the retreat, Professors Bev Beem and Linda Emmerson described a world where faith and learning work together; Professor Lamberton guided the students through a writing exercise about their own experience; and Professor Tom Thompson described his fascination with the wonder and beauty of the cosmos.  After a feast of ideas and good food, the students spent some time discussing Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea and thinking about how they can incorporate an ethic of service into their lives.

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