Cedric Thiel, Biology

I took a college composition class as a senior in high school, but I still found Honors College Writing to be a very pertinent and useful class. My class in high school did not have the rigor or level of sophistication I encountered in Honors College Writing. The honors class pushes the student to his or her full potential, expecting a paper that could have been written by a competent, fully trained individual. The Honors College Writing classes gave me a new, more mature perspective on writing. The professors helped me to develop my writing skills so that I now feel comfortable writing to professional readers: an equal rather than a subordinate.

Mary Castrejon, English & Graphic Design

No doubt, writing is the most important communicative skill a college student can have. Even though high school writing courses help students prepare for college, it is absolutely imperative to take College Writing. Actually taking a writing class at college level is much different from AP Writing in high school. From personal experience, I have found that College Writing was importantly enriching and stimulating and helped me become better equipped for the rest of my college career. To be able to further develop and improve one’s writing skills, expectations must be raised and challenges must be overcome. Honors College Writing is just the class to help service this ambition.

Marissa Masden, Math & Chemistry

I understand that you might be concerned about College Writing. In high school, I also took a writing course for college credit. When I joined Honors, I was worried that taking College Writing again would be superfluous. It wasn’t. Even though my high school course was well taught, the challenge of Honors College Writing helped me truly start thinking about the way I wrote. (Also, the rumors don’t lie: once you’ve taken the first quarter, you’ll be able to ace every other college essay you write!) I truly hope you consider joining the hilarious, diverse, serious, thoughtful, creative, and connected group of friends that we we call Honors. No, we aren’t the dark side, but we still have cookies!

Katelyn Winter, Biology

Though you’re probably frustrated that your AP credits don’t waive your Honors writing requirement, you can consider them a good preparation for the Honors program. The Honors program challenges your thinking, writing, and reading in ways you are probably not expecting.

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