Mary Aparicio meets one of the locals.
Tyler Jacobson, Marissa Masden, and Chris Reeve fight through the thickets Walla Walla's urban jungle, AKA the Fort Walla Walla Bird Sanctuary.

Welcome Back Bash, September

Professor Kellie Bond: “WHAT!!! You haven’t read Moby Dick?”
Marissa: "You want me to read HOW MANY pages of it by tomorrow?"

Captain Billy Whizbang Party, April 2011

Stage One: Julian and Logan plot how to get an A from Professor Bond in Honors College Writing.

The WWU Honors Program observes April Fool’s Day with a Captain Billy Whizbang Party.  It consists of, shall we say, a creative use of talent.

Dr. Terrie Aamodt talks about the Captain Billy Whiz-Bang tradition.
Students watch as the more skilled members of the Honors Program perform amazing feats of creativity and humor.
Trophy winner Tyler Jacobson seems rather reluctant to share with co-winners Julian Weller and Logan Villarreal.

KJV Bible Reading

Rebecca Brothers, Senior English, reads from Zechariah, chapter seven.

As part of the celebration of the 400 year anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, many students and staff members participated in a public reading of the entire book from 27 September to 22 October in the Heubach Chapel .  Some of the students in the Honors Program participated in reading the book of Zechariah. It was a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of the text that, although 400 years old, still draws people into awe and creates a powerful worship environment.

Ian Field, Senior History, reads from the KJV.
Ron Jolliffe, professor of English, reads aloud from the Bible.

Science and the Arts Field Trip - Seattle

Professor Thompson examines European Art at the SAM (Seattle Art Museum).

The Science and the Arts class got to go to Seattle and see their books come alive at the Seattle Arts Museum, the Olympic Sculpture Park, and the Seattle Public Library. After an exhilarating day roaming works of arts and a giant library, the group ate at the Cheesecake Factory in order to prepare for the next day of the field. On the second day, the class was able to get their hands dirty touring the geological site at Dry Falls and hiking out to the Blue Lake Rhino. It was quite a well-rounded field trip with the panache of fine culture in the city and the spunk of a hike to keep honors students and faculty alike on their toes.

The students were asked to "bond" with a work of art for thirty minutes and then share his or her insights with the class. Here, Christian speaks on the elements of light and dark in the painting, Saint Sebastian Tended by Saint Irene by Georges de La Tour.
Since Modern Art is a part of the focus of the 3rd quarter of Science and the Arts, students also spent time with a modern art piece. Michael tried to make sense out of Sea Change by Jackson Pollock.
Honors students and faculty enjoy the Olympic Sculpture Park.
The group took a break to check out the waterfront and have a stone skipping contest.
Chelsea explores the architecture in the Seattle Public Library.
One floor of the building had David seeing red.
On the way back from Seattle, the class stopped by Dry Falls to check out geological phenomena. Michael and Chelsea were surely impressed.
After stopping at Dry Falls, the group trekked out to the Blue Lake Rhino with due enthusiasm.
Brittany was able to get up close and personal with Blue Lake Rhino.
After hiking for awhile, the class wondered if they could start an Honors PE course. Hmmmm...
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