The Hutto-Patterson Research Center

The Hutto-Patterson Historical Research Center was established in 1993, funded by a grant from the Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation. The Center is well equipped for research, housing collections on:

  • American diplomatic history (focus on Europe and the Far East), including State Department files and files of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • American religious history (focus on the Nineteenth-century, including the complete Millerite set).
  • The FBI Files on Waco/Branch Davidian Compound.
  • The FBI Files on Posse Comitatus.
  • The FBI Files on Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers.
  • The Clifford W. Henderson National Air Races Collection, 1928-1939.
  • Modern European history (focus on English history and Nazi Germany), including the Nuremberg War Crimes files and a number of German language files, which include the Nazi Party files and the Emil Gumbel Collection.
  • The British Documents on Foreign Affairs series on WWI, The Paris Peace Conference of 1919, and the League of Nations.

Collections are continually expanded with funds provided by the Lindgren Charitable Foundation, Richard Dougherty, and other donors.

Keys for the Center are issued by the History Department Chair. 


The Research Center offers a light, airy, and nicely-appointed atmosphere, conductive to research and study, free from distractions. It is comfortable and contains not only useful documents and books, but a large number of modern technological helps.
In addition to networked computers, printers, an image scanner, and a copier, the Research Center also contains microform readers/printers and a large collection of microform documents.
The Research Center is a place where faculty and students can come together in the process of research and study, benefiting from the technology, the resources, and the collegiality found here.

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