Pictured from left to right: Marc Gupilan, Linnae Hays, Patrick Shaver.

Stability Ball Workout DVD

This is a great DVD if you want to take your workout to another level regardless of your age or weight. We will help you get into great shape, reduce stress, lose weight, increase energy and build confidence. All of this is done through bursts of cardio and weight training.

The Stability Ball DVD was created in the hopes to provide an effective and convenient method to stay healthy and fit. This DVD takes after the popular Ball Class which is offered to the students, faculty and staff at Walla Walla University as well as the surrounding community members. It's creation is a collaboration between the Communications & Languages and the Health & Physical Education Departments. Students, faculty, staff and alumni were responsible for the entire production process.

All proceeds from this DVD will be used towards the Teri Kuhlman Fitness Center and the Communications Department.

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Linnae Hays has been an instructor on the campus of Walla Walla University for a number of years. She teaches Ball Class as well as other community programs.

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