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College Writing

General Studies Writing

ENGL 121, 122, 223; or HONR 141, 142, 243 are pre-requisites to all upper division writing courses. The following courses do not apply toward an English major or minor.

ENGL 100 Writing Skills (4)

Study of basic grammar, usage, and punctuation in the context of writing; emphasis on sentence and paragraph work. Short writing assignments on word processors required. Diagnostic test at the beginning with a competency-based exit exam at the end. Graded S/NC only. Required of students who do not place in ENGL 121 or HONR 141. Corequisite: RDNG 100. Credit does not apply toward graduation.

ENGL 121, 122  College Writing I, II (3, 3)

Study and practice in the forms of writing necessary for all college writing. ENGL 121 emphasizes personal and expository writing and an understanding of the writing process; ENGL 122 emphasizes expository and persuasive writing, analysis, argument, and the development of a clear writing style. Must be taken in sequence. Prerequisite: Satisfactory scores on placement tests.

ENGL 223 Research Writing (3)

A study of library resources, information gathering techniques, and research writing, including the ethics and style expected in the academic community. Includes a major documented research paper aimed at a scholarly audience. Prerequisite: ENGL 122 or HONR 142 and 36 hours of college classwork completed.

ENGL 323 Writing for Engineers (3)

Emphasizes the research and writing techniques appropriate to engineering. Includes a research paper and other papers for both professional and general audiences. Corequisite courses are designated by the School of Engineering. Prerequisite: ENGL 122 or HONR 142 or equivalent.

Advanced Placement

Walla Walla University accepts credits from the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) administered by secondary schools in May each year.

A student who takes the Advanced Placement Language and Composition examinations and earns:

-- a 3 will receive credit for ENGL 121;

-- a 4 or 5 will receive credit for ENGL 121 and 122.

A student who takes the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition examination and earns:

-- a 3 will receive credit for ENGL 204,

-- a 4 or 5 will receive credit for ENGL 204 and 121.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

A student who passes the CLEP Subject Examination with at least a 50th percential receives 3 hours of credit for ENGL 121.*

*Note: that the Subject Examination only is acceptable and that the General does not apply.

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