Freshman Final Presentations
Spring 2008 Intro to Engineering

A collaboration of the Sustainable Living Center, Children's Museum of Walla Walla and the Intro to Engineering class, Spring 2008 at Walla Walla University, EFCross School of Engineering.

Goal of the project: Meaningful Environmental Education: A home that represents a shared experience by which we can teach children about sustainability.

Built Green-An Environmental Building Program to build Healthier more efficient homes. The Built Green checklist was used as a starting point. The students were asked to translate the technical aspects of the Built Green criteria into educational interactive interfaces.

"Their creativity is a huge asset for this project", Jenna Bicknell.

 The presentation can be watched using Windows Media Player.

Laboratory Phone Numbers

Room   Lab Name   Lab Number
CSP 313   Analog Electronics   527-2413
CSP 316   Digital Electronics   527-2973
CSP 318   Projects Lab   527-2187
KRH 348   Sun Lab   527-2455
KRH 105   Manufacturing   527-2160
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