Tim Rasmussen, Sophomore Mechanical Engineering student designs and prints the first part on the new Rapid Prototyping Machine. Thank you to the generous donor who provided the funds for us to obtain this equipment.

The Edward F. Cross School of Engineering at Walla Walla University challenges you to revolutionize the way we live. Through life changing experiences, you can concentrate in the areas of Civil, Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering while obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.

BioEngineering is also offered through an Interdisciplinary Program with the Biology Department.

Fast Facts

  • School of Engineering founded in 1947
  • ABET Accredited Engineering program
  • 93% placement rate in either engineering employment or graduate school
  • Over 1200 graduates to date
  • Selective* admissions policy
  • 2006 -- 74% of freshmen ACT Composite scores were at the 86th percentile or higher
  • 2006 -- 68% of freshman ACT Math scores were at the 85th percentile or higher
  • 2006 -- 84% of freshman ACT Science scores were at the 80th percentile or higher
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Exam taken by all seniors with a better pass rate (90%) than the national average
  • Senior Project required to graduate
  • Co-ops are available
  • Graduates are routinely identified as having higher technical maturity and ethical understanding than their counterparts
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