Phase I: Exploring the Teaching Profession

Phase I (pre-candidacy) is designed to acquaint students with the teaching profession before they are officially accepted into the teacher-certification program.  

Among the required pre-candidacy courses are Middle School Exploratory (secondary) and Elementary School Exploratory (elementary) which give students the opportunity to spend considerable time observing, evaluating, and helping in a school classroom setting. These experiences give students practical knowledge about what it means to be a teacher before they formally apply to the teacher-certification program. Pre-candidacy courses include:

EDUC 210Foundations of Education
EDUC 267 / 247Middle School (secondary) or Elementary School Exploratory
PSYC 130General Psychology
PSYC 215Child & Adolescent Development
PSYC 220Educational Psychology
ENGL 121 & 122College Writing (B- average required)
MATH 112 & 113Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (elementary certification)
MATH 105 or higherMath with Applications (secondary certification)
SPCH 101Fundamentals of Speech Communication (or a foreign language sequence)
WEST-B ExamThe Washington Educator Skills Test measures reading, math, and writing skills and is based on the basic skills and understanding required for teachers to be successful in their teacher-preparation programs. See

When students complete Phase I, they are ready to formally apply for Phase II, which is the teacher-certification program.

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