BS: Computer Science 

Sample schedule, software option


Freshman Year CrCrCr
CPTR 141Introduction to Programming 4--
CPTR 142, 143Data Structures & Algorithms-44
CPTR 495Colloquium    
ENGL 121, 122College Writing 33-
MATH 123Survey of Calculus-4-
TOTAL Cr Hr161616
Sophomore YearCrCrCr
CPTR 215Assembly Language Programming3--
CPTR 235Sys Software & Programming-4-
CPTR 245Object-Oriented Sys Design--4
CPTR 495Colloquium    
ELCT 241Fundamentals of Electronics4--
ENGL 223Research Writing3--
MATH 289Linear Algebra & Its Applications-3-
MATH 250Discrete Mathematics --4
MATH 206Applied Statistics-4-
TOTAL Cr Hr161616


Junior YearCrCrCr
CPTR 352Operating System Design4--
CPTR 460Parallel & Distributed Computation -4-
CPTR 415Introduction to Databases4--
CPTR 435 Software Engineering -4-
CPTR XXXCPTR Elective --4
CPTR 495Colloquium   
TOTAL Cr Hr161616


Senior YearCrCrCr
CPTR 454Design and Analysis of Algorithms-4-
CPTR 495Colloquium   
CPTR 496, 497, 498Seminar111
TOTAL Cr Hr161616

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