The Information Sciences and Technologies


  Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering Software Engineering Computer Science Computer Information Systems Telecommunications and Networking Technology Graphics Technology
Focus Design of Understanding of Application of
electrical and electronic systems computer systems and implementation  of  large software systems algorithms and advancing the state of the art information technology in support of  business processes. technical knowledge of communication and networking technologies information technology to the design of graphical communications
Methodology Engineering design Engineering design Engineering design, management and team work. Engineering  design, Mathematics, & Science Business processes Design and management of business systems Practical experience with technologies. Design theory and industry practices
Cognates Mathematics Science Mathematics Science Mathematics Science Applications Applications Business process software packages Electronics Art, Computer systems Graphics software packages
Networking Communication theory & networking hardware Networking algorithms & hardware Networking algorithms & applications Networking algorithms Network technology for business processes Design, construction,  and maintenance of physical networks Web site design
Programming Assembly language C, C++, Java Assembly language C, C++, Java Multiple languages and paradigms Multiple languages and paradigms Visual Basic, Cobol, Java, SQL Scripting languages HTML, XML Java script Visual Basic

ObservationsIn the rows, Focus, Methodology, and Cognates, as sharp a distinction as possible is made between the disciplines/programs. In the rows dealing with Examples, the distinctions are blurred as much as possible. For the examples presented here, it should be clear that there are two extremes on ether side of computer science. While computer science is flexible enough to accommodate either extreme, the extremes are not compatible.

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