Department of Computer Science
Phone: (509) 527-2751

Computer Science and Engineering Majors Have All The Fun!

Bio-ethicistPaul Ford - Cleveland Clinic Foundation
ConsultantBrent Beardsley - Inprise
Games ProgrammerSam Fortiner - Totally Games
James McNeil
 - independent contractor
Network & Computer
Systems Administrator
Brett Mueller - CSEPP
Melody Hardwick
Dan Hammond - Wizards of the Coast
Roger Santo - FAA
ProfessorJonathan Duncan - Walla Walla University
Software Developer
Software Architect
Gary Binder, John Vliet - INTEL
Cliff Bowman - 
Peter Bruinsma, Doug Walter
 - Microsoft

Erwin Driesen - Nike
Karl Francis
 - Lucent (software architect)
Todd Graham -
Chad Halverson
 - Coffee Communications

Scott Harwood
 - Emerald Solutions

Andy Karmy
 - Hewlett-Packard

Richard Patchet -
Courtny Shrock - 
David Thiel - TRW
Todd Wesslen - ESRI
@WallaWalla.eduDana Jensen - Administrative Computing Programmer 
Michael Bork - Web Content Manager 
James Davis, Nolan Cafferky, Michael Goff, Jeff Hanson, Brandon Smith, Nathanael Lenart, Shelby Spencer, Paul Bellamy - CS Network & Sys Admin/Webmaster

Recent job offers for WWU CS graduates have ranged from $47,000 - $137,000.

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