Career Opportunities in Film/TV

General Areas of Service
Mass communication graduates with a media concentration look toward employment in commercial, public, and religious radio and television stations, cable television, video/film/multi-image production companies and support industries, recording studios, advertising agencies, media research companies, audio/visual training departments in industry, hospitals, and educational institutions. Media positions are on the increase, with publishing houses accessing the burgeoning home video market. Freelancing opportunities exist for the extremely creative and competent.

Professional Training
A broad liberal arts background combined with strong writing skills is preferred by many employers when hiring non-technical personnel. Courses in media production and philosophy should be combined with courses in writing, business, marketing and the liberal arts. Students are advised to develop at least one practical and marketable media-related skill.

Denominational Opportunities
Opportunities exist with S.D.A. hospitals, college radio stations and production agencies, educational media departments, and college teaching. Limited openings are available at such places as the Media Center in Thousand Oaks, CA, foreign service, publishing houses, union, conference, large church special service departments, and self-supporting media ministries.

Job Outlook
Most entry-level positions with radio and TV stations will be found in small markets. Entry-level positions will also be found in some production companies and some cable, business, and industrial media departments. Keen competition for these positions will continue. The graduate with developed skills will have a decided advantage.

Median Earnings – updated May 2012 (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
*The average entering wage level for those with a bachelor's degree working in the area of media is $23,750 to $68,000 per year.

Sources of Additional Information

* United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics

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