Summer 2015 General Information

SESSION DATES: Monday June 22 through Thursday August 13, 2015

Registration is on Monday June 22 at 6:30 p.m. You should plan to arrive at Rosario on June 21 or 22.  Arrangements for arriving earlier than June 21 should be made in advance; please contact us ( Please plan to be at Rosario through 2:00 p.m. on Thursday August 13. Summer Courses

Official Rosario summer acceptance letters will be sent in early March 2015. You must enroll through Walla Walla University or one of its affiliates (see List of Affiliate Institutions) to take courses at Rosario. Students enrolling through WWU to attend Rosario only and who do not plan to enroll at WWU in the future will complete a special application during registration at Rosario. Limited housing at Rosario necessitates restricted enrollments in most classes, consequently application does not guarantee acceptance.  Early submission of application and deposit may increase the probability of acceptance.  Please read these Acceptance Criteria.

All students must make financial arrangements with the WWU Student Financial Services office before arriving at Rosario Beach. Detailed financial information will be sent to accepted students in early March 2015, and is available in the Summer Program Finances link. Students from affiliate schools should make arrangements with their own institution for their tuition and lab charges; however, payment for room, board, and textbooks will be to Walla Walla University prior to arrival at Rosario.

Single students are required to pay the board fee and eat in the cafeteria; exceptions may be made for students who need to prepare their own food due to medically-documented food allergies. Graduate and married students are not required to pay the board fee or eat in the cafeteria; however, they may choose to do so.

Driving?  Search Google Maps for "Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory", or use the address, 15510 Rosario Beach Road, Anacortes WA 98221. If you are coming by air, fly into Seattle (Sea-Tac Airport). We will not be able to pick you up in Seattle (it's a two-hour drive one way from Rosario); you should contact the Airporter (phone number 800-235-5247) which will take you from Sea-Tac Airport to the Shell Station at 14th and Commercial in Anacortes (only 15 minutes from Rosario). The toll free number to call for us to pick you up in Anacortes is (866) ROSARIO. If you come by bus (Greyhound), we can pick you up at the bus depot in Mount Vernon WA (about 25 minutes from Rosario). Calling, writing, or emailing us in advance will help us in arranging to pick you up.

When you are making your travel plans for your departure at the end of the summer, be sure to allow sufficient time to finish your last exam, which may not be over until 2:00 p.m. on Thursday August 15.

Medical insurance is required. You must provide us with the documentation of your coverage by completing this Rosario Medical Insurance form. You also need to read this Notice of Privacy Practices.  If you do not have medical insurance, you can purchase it through WWU at registration on June 22 for $589.00 for summer coverage. Click here to read more about the WWU medical insurance. Rosario has no medical clinic or personnel, only Band-Aids. Payment for medical treatment at the local medical facilities must be handled by you on a private basis.

Damage or loss to personal belongs/effects are not covered by WWU insurance. You will want to personally insure your property.

Single students will be assigned "dormitory" housing with shared bedroom and bathroom. Married students or students with families will be assigned cabins. If you have specific roommate preferences please let us know ( Specific cabin or roommate assignments will not be finalized until registration, so we cannot say which cabin/room you will occupy until then. 

Textbooks are sold at Rosario and must be paid for with cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover). WWU students may charge books and supplies on their accounts only if they have made previous financial arrangements to do so with the WWU Student Financial Services office. We cannot charge books to accounts for other than WWU students. For those paying cash for books, plan on having about $250 at the time of registration.

Your summer mailing address will be:
Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory 
15510 Rosario Beach Road 
Anacortes, WA 98221

Message phone: (360) 293-2326
Fax: (360) 293-2325

Living at Rosario will be similar to living in the dorm on any college campus, except that rooms are significantly smaller than typical dorm rooms. Students (and faculty) usually dress very casually; shorts, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and flip-flops are normal attire.

CLICK HERE for a list of items that current students have suggested.

Because of the number of students living in a small area, as well as our attempt to maintain the wildlife that is normally present, students may not bring any pets to Rosario.

Rosario has a computer lab with full internet access during the summer. You will be given a computer account at registration on June 24. Buildings and most areas at Rosario have wireless internet capabilities.

If you plan to travel to Canada you must have your passport and any required visas.

Rosario does not provide daycare service. All children (anyone under the age of 18) must have direct and immediate supervision by a legal parent/guardian at all times. A parent/guardian actively involved in academic or research activities does not constitute appropriate supervision. Children are not allowed in any academic/research areas without adult supervision and permission of the appropriate faculty member. Parents/guardians who continue to violate this policy may be excluded from the Rosario campus.


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