Academic Scuba Diving

The Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory supports and encourages scuba diving by faculty, researchers, and upper-division and graduate students for academic activities. Students in General Biology will not be able to scuba dive at Rosario. All scuba divers, regardless of previous experience, must successfully complete a check-out procedure at the beginning of the summer session

All prospective scuba divers ( faculty members, researchers,  upper-division/ graduate students) need to arrive at Rosario by Sunday June 21, 2015, and be present by 10:00 a.m. on Sunday June 21 for a check-out procedure administered by the Walla Walla University Dive Safety Officer (DSO) or the DSO's designee.  This check-out procedure includes classroom activities, pool activities, safety overview, several in-water dives, and in-water skills check. No one will be permitted to dive at Rosario unless they are on the approved scuba diver list prepared by the DSO.  All divers are required to provided documentation that they have successfully completed the Divers Alert Network (DAN) Diving First Aid for Professional Divers course (DFA Pro) within the preceding two years.  This course will be offered April-June at Walla Walla University, or you may complete the course through a DAN Instructor near you ( ).

You need to do the following:

Please call (509-527-2602) or email ( to receive these forms and information by mail if you are unable to download them.

Prospective scuba divers will be charged a $75 scuba fee to cover the costs of the check-out procedure. Visiting researchers will be charged $8.00/tank to cover the cost of air fills.  Students enrolled in courses will not be charged for air fills.

Each diver must provide his/her own equipment; Rosario does not provide or rent any equipment except for weights, tanks and air.  Some people find the cost of purchasing new equipment prohibitive and instead choose to rent or purchase used equipment.  You may rent or purchase equipment from any appropriate dive shop/company you wish. Please contact them directly for prices and availability. Rosario has a scuba room adjacent to the beach with hot showers and gear storage space.

You must have the following equipment before you dive at Rosario. Pleases bring documentation that your regulator has received annual servicing.

  • a full cold-water 7mm wetsuit or drysuit (including booties, hood, and gloves)
  • mask
  • snorkel
  • fins
  • appropriate weights (provided by Rosario if you do not have your own)
  • regulator, equipped with octopus
  • gauges (air pressure, depth) or appropriate dive computer
  • buoyancy compensating device
  • up-to-date log book
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