Research Opportunities

Opportunities are available for faculty and student research at Rosario during any time of the year.  Most research activities occur in conjunction with the summer academic session. Potential visiting researchers (non-WWU faculty and undergraduate/graduate students who are conducting independent research projects) need to complete a Rosario Researcher Application and submit it to the Director with a research proposal.

Costs shown below are for the eight-week summer academic session. Costs can be prorated for researchers staying for shorter or longer periods of time. For research during times other than the summer, please contact the director for costs and facilities availability.

Costs For Visiting Researchers (2014 prices)

Housing: $1,045 for family housing, $715 for dorm (shared) housing during the eight-week summer session.

Food: Researchers housed at Rosario can elect to eat in the cafeteria for $7.50/meal, or can pay $920 for the entire eight-week summer session. The cafeteria is open only during the summer session.

Laboratory Fee: (covers customary and normal use of laboratory/office facilities, computer access, and small boats; does not include expendable research supplies and chemicals): $600 for the eight-week summer session.

This fee will be waived for students conducting research with a WWU or paying visiting faculty member. Students conducting independent research projects will be required to pay this fee.

Large Boat Fee: (for 17' and 20' Boston Whalers): $35/hour.

Vehicle Fee (drivers must be on the appropriate “WWU Approved Drivers List”): $0.50/mile

Scuba Fees: $75 to cover the cost of the scuba checkout procedure.  $8.00/tank to cover the cost of air fills. Click here for scuba details.


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