Mission and Overview

The Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory, owned and operated by Walla Walla University, exists primarily for the training of undergraduate and graduate students in marine, field, and experimental sciences in a Christian setting. The facility has a rich tradition of spiritual emphasis, with many students and alumni indicating the importance of their Rosario experience as a vital factor in their decisions regarding their God and their church.

Rosario is the only active Seventh-day Adventist academic field facility. Through its formal affiliation with nine colleges and universities, students and faculty from all over North America have the opportunity to study with Christian professional biologists. More than one-third of the 45 to 55 students who attend each summer are from colleges/universities other than Walla Walla University.

The marine laboratory’s land, except for the area presently occupied by buildings, is undeveloped and undisturbed. The station’s 45 acres are a biological preserve, providing a unique opportunity for research and study on an increasingly diminishing natural ecosystem.

During the fall, winter, and spring, Rosario is available for use by non-profit organizations such as school, government, and church groups.

Rosario is entering a new and exciting phase as we continue working on new cabins, classrooms, and infrastructure. These new facilities will allow Rosario to further its current primary role of training college/university students in a Christian setting in the marine, field, and experimental sciences during the summer academic session.

We envision that these new facilities will provide an opportunity to enhance Rosario’s role in science and education in the following ways:

    • Increased use of Rosario during the fall, winter, and spring for science and non-science educational and research activities.
    • Increased service and outreach to the scientific community by hosting scientific conferences, workshops, and symposia. This "scientific community" includes professional scientists, science educators, and science students at all educational levels.
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