12/06/11 1:30 pm Age: 4 yrs

Biology Seniors Rank in 95th Percentile


By: rosa.jimenez@wallawalla.edu

Department MFAT Scores Consistently High

A view from from the beachfront of WWU's Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory offers an unparalleled setting for summer biology classes.

Biology seniors ranked high in their performance on a standardized test given to biology seniors enrolled in 459 colleges and universities nationwide. 



Walla Walla University’s biology seniors scored in the 95th percentile of  40,594 biology seniors who took the biology Major Field Aptitude Test (MFAT) this year.  



The Biology Department requires that all majors take the MFAT for the department’s own assessment and review process, according to Bob Cushman, chair of the department.  “It is one of the objective measures we use for assessing the effectiveness of our faculty and our curriculum.”



Since the department began tracking MFAT scores in 1994, WWU’s group scores have never been under the 80th percentile, ranging from there to the 99th percentile, compared with other colleges and universities.



“We are excited about the continued success of biology students on the MFAT,” says Cushman.  “The sustained high performance of our students on the exam speaks well of our faculty, our students, and our curriculum.  It also speaks highly of the quality of science education here at WWU and demonstrates that our students can compete effectively with those from other schools.”

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