Online Resources

  • Learn how to interpret everything on a METAR in this great Metar Tutorial from Weather Underground.
Walla Walla Flight Schedule is our online flight scheduling website.
  • Aviation Weather is a site maintained by the National Oceania and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It provides quick and accurate weather information to pilots for flight planning.
  • JetStream Online School for Weather is a great resource for pilots to explore and better understand the atmosphere and weather patterns.
  • FltPlan is a utility for flight planning and filing.
  • Duats provides access to Flight Service Station (FSS) briefings and flight planning.
AirNav is a searchable database of all the airport in the USA. It provides free acces to airport diagrams, procedures, radio navigation, and much more.
Sky Vector is a tool for referencing locations and distances of airports on VFR and IFR charts. It is not to be used for flight planing, but is a valuable resource for putting together an outline of a trip or looking for new destinations.
The FAA has a lot of great resources for pilots. These are some of our favorites.
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