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Loury Duffy

Director of Operations

B.S.—Walla Walla University—2003

Loury J. Duffy graduated from WWU with a B.S. in Aviation Technology and an A.S. in Business. After graduation he worked as Assistant Chief Flight Instructor for a flight school in Redmond, Oregon before returning to WWU to teach in the Department of Technology. He is currently the Director of Operations for the WWU Aviation Program and says his basic career goal is “to stay in the air.” Aviation is a passion for Loury and he is always excited to share this passion with flight students.

Loury enjoys spending time with his wife, April, and their two sons, Tanner and Deklan. He also loves to golf, disc golf, and snowmobile in his free time.

Email: Loury.Duffy@wallawalla.edu


Anthony Remboldt

Director of Training

B.S.—Walla Walla University—2011

Anthony graduated from WWU with a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Technology. He has flown around the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, California, and Alaska and enjoys adventuring, discovering new places, and flying unique airplanes. Anthony has a passion for "non typical" aviation including tailwheel aircraft, off airport and special use flying, and sea plane operations. Anthony completed seaplane training with Kenmore Air Harbor and enjoys flying floats in Alaska. He returns to Walla Walla from Kotzebue, AK where he works seasonally as a pilot for Northwestern Aviation Air Taxi service, which specializes in off airport and float plane operations.

In his free time, Anthony likes remote control quad-copters and airplanes, graphic design, carpentry, and golfing.

Email: Anthony.Remboldt@wallawalla.edu


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 Michael Gref
Instrument/Commercial - ASEL
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 Jon Ball
Instrument/Commercial - ASEL
Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT)
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 Adam Stephens
Instrument/Commercial - ASEL
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