05/03/11 9:32 am Age: 4 yrs

Art Grad Makes Toys, Publishes Book


By: Becky St. Clair

Henriques has following of thousands

Photo courtesy of oregonlive.com.

Joel Henriques, a 1997 art graduate of Walla Walla University, has generated a lot of interest and garnered a lot of attention recently for his creative mind.  As a stay-at-home dad with his twin 4-year-olds, Henriques has used his own creativity to come up with simple, fun and convenient toys with which to entertain them.  He started blogging about his ideas and creations and soon found he had an international following of over 100,000.  This fall his first book will be published: a "how-to" manual with 35 of his own projects.  To read the full story, click the link below.

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