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Wilmer Hepker School of Social Work Graduate Bulletin 2014-2015


All students must take a core of foundation courses during the first year, except those who have completed the core curriculum at the undergraduate level and have been admitted with advanced standing. Advanced level students will begin their classes in the summer preceding the second year of the program or the fall, thereby completing the graduate program in four quarters. The program offers course work in several areas of practice emphasis: Health and Mental Health, Children and Families, School Social Work, Addiction, Aging, and Child Welfare.

REQUIRED COURSESRegular StandingAdvanced Standing
Core Courses:  (First-year Regular Standing)23--
SOWK 514      Historical Development of Social Welfare3-
SOWK 517      Practice with Individuals3-
SOWK 518      Practice with Groups and Communities 3-
SOWK 524      Human Behavior and Social Environment I3-
SOWK 525      Human Behavior and Social Environment II3-
SOWK 534      Practice with Couples and Families3-
SOWK 537      Research I3-
SOWK 538      Research II1-
SOWK 539      Research III1-
Field Practicum Courses:  (First-/Second-year Regular & Advanced Standing)1812
SOWK 529      Field Practicum - Foundation  (First-year Regular Standing)6--
SOWK 530      Field Practicum - Advanced (Second-year Regular & Advanced Standing)1212
Core Courses:  (Second-year Regular & Advanced Standing) 2424
SOWK 508      Social Work, Religion and Spirituality33
SOWK 510      Privilege and Oppression33
SOWK 541      Advanced Practice with Individuals33
SOWK 542      Psychopathology33
SOWK 544      Policy Analysis and Advocacy33
SOWK 545      Advanced Practice with Couples and Families33
SOWK 548      Comparative Theories33
SOWK 573      Advanced Practice with Groups33
Core Choice:  (Second-year Regular & Advanced Standing)33
SOWK 540      Advanced Clinical Evaluation     OR33
SOWK 589      Advanced Research Methods33
*Electives:  (Second-year Regular & Advanced Standing)1215

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