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Wilmer Hepker School of Social Work Graduate Bulletin 2014-2015


Not all electives are offered every year, or at every program site.

SOWK 522Practice with Diverse Populations3
SOWK 531Death Dying3
SOWK 532Clinical Treatment of Personality Disorders3
SOWK 533 Clinical Issues in Relationships3
SOWK 535 Social Gerontology3
SOWK 536 Clinical Treatment of Trauma3
SOWK 543 Social Work Leadership and Administration3
SOWK 546 Clinical Treatment of Sexual Abuse3
SOWK 547 Children at Risk3
SOWK 549 Attachment Theory Through the Life Span3
SOWK 551 Family Violence3
SOWK 552Clinical Treatment of Children and Adolescents3
SOWK 553 Legal Aspects of Social Work Practice3
SOWK 555      School Social Work3
SOWK 556 Play Therapy3
SOWK 557 Solution Focused Brief Therapy3
SOWK 558 Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy 3
SOWK 560 Clinical Treatment in Addictions*3
SOWK 562 Clinical Skills with Addictive Families*3
SOWK 563 Grantsmanship3
SOWK 564Reality Therapy3
SOWK 566Object Relations Theory2,3
SOWK 567 Selfcare for the Social Worker3
SOWK 568 Gestalt Therapy3
SOWK 570 Social Work Practice in a Medical Setting3
SOWK 571 Aging and Health Care3
SOWK 572 Clinical Treatment in Mental Health3
SOWK 574Social Work Supervision3
SOWK 575 Clinical Practice of Crisis Intervention3
SOWK 577 Introduction of Alcohol and Addiction Treatment*3
SOWK 579 Directed Research/Project1-2
SOWK 580 Services to Families with Children3
SOWK 585 Topics in Clinical Social Work (title of specialized focus)    3;9
SOWK 590 Thesis1-3

  *These courses apply toward Chemical Dependency Certification in the State of Washington, Montana, and Idaho.


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