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Uniform Course Numbers.  By general agreement certain course numbers are reserved for classes that are of such a general nature as to be found in the three graduate departments.  The prefix assigned to the numbers designates the discipline.  The following are courses that carry uniform numbers throughout the bulletin:

500 Topics   1-5

Courses in specialized or experimental areas conducted through regular class activities and approved by Graduate council as one time offerings. See the Class schedule for all approved Topics courses.

559 Supplemental Studies   1-2; 2

Supplementation of previous course work when portions of a course required in the student’s program have been omitted.  Ordinarily supplementation will occur only with transfer students or within a program that has undergone a major curriculum change. A study proposal is to be outlined in consultation with the instructor of the course being supplemented and approved by the department and the Graduate Academic Standards committee. May not be substituted for existing courses.

569 Advanced Study  1-3; 3

Advanced directed study by which students may enhance the program area in breadth or depth not covered within the department curriculum.  The study proposal must be approved by the department and the Graduate Standards Committee and is to indicate the methods of evaluation.  May not be substituted for existing courses.

579 Directed Research/Project   1-2; 2

Individualized research, laboratory or learning experience of particular interest to the student; may include contributions from conference attendance or travel related to an academic topic.  A project proposal and permission of instructor are required prior to beginning the project.                                                        

GNRL 501 Continued Enrollment  8; 24

Continuation credit for graduate students who have completed all of the program requirements for their graduate degree except for Thesis Research and/or Thesis.  Repeat enrollment is permitted for up to three quarters.  (Course fee of $100 per quarter applies).



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