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Walla Walla University Graduate Bulletin 2012-2014

Housing Costs

Walla Walla University owns several studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments in College Place. In addition, houses with up to four bedrooms are available for families. Rental rates are comparable with rates in the community.

This off-campus housing in College Place is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Financial arrangements must be made with the Office of Student Financial Services before a student/family may move into college housing. Students may contact WWU Village Housing Office at 509/527-2709 for more information about housing availability.

Residence Halls. The room rental charge for each student per quarter based on dual occupancy is:

Conard Hall (women)   $1,050
Foreman Hall (women)  1,096
Sittner Hall (men)          1,050
Meske Hall (men)           1,050

When rooms are available, single occupancy is permitted at an extra cost of $250 per quarter.

Room Deposit and Reservations. A $175 deposit is required to reserve a residence hall room. Upon a student’s departure, a refund of up to $115 may be applied to the student’s account. Charges for delayed departure, an uncleaned or damaged room or failure to return keys are also applied to the student’s account. Should the student not enroll, the entire deposit is refunded.

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