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A Program of Study prepared on an official form must be approved by the dean or program director and submitted to Graduate Council at least two quarters prior to completion of the program. Official approval of this program will be acknowledged by a letter from the Dean of Graduate Studies. Forms for this purpose are available in the School of Education and Psychology office. All courses included in the degree program must be approved by an adviser assigned by the School of Education and Psychology­. Any changes in the study program must be documented on a Program Change Form and require the signatures of the adviser, program director and the Dean of Graduate Studies. Unless specifically approved by Graduate Council, courses numbered below 350 will not apply for graduate credit. For the M.A. and M.Ed.  degrees a written comprehensive exam must be passed prior to defense of a thesis or project. Students in Counseling Psychology must also pass an oral examination. For the M.A. and M.Ed. degrees the thesis or project proposal must be approved, and all necessary forms must be signed, at least two weeks prior to commencement.

Second Master's Degree

If degree requirements overlap with work already taken, a student seeking a second master's degree may petition Graduate Council for some reduction in the total number of required credits. A second degree must contain a minimum of 30 quarter hours, and include a thesis or professional project originated and completed within this School of Education and Psychology.

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