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This option is designed to meet the competency requirements for Washington State and SDA endorsements as a reading specialist.  Additional state requirements are: take the secondary methods course, pass the WEST-E and complete a PPA.

Specialization Prerequisites: State teacher or SDA certification, a minimum of 18 months of verified satisfactory full-time experience in education, and a current course in reading methods (taken within the past six years).

Specialization Requirements:

Basic Courses13
EDUC 551         Action Research                                          3
 EDUC 571         Action Research Lab  4
PSYC 521         Psychology of Learning3
EDUC 550         Understanding Research3
Literacy Instruction Core33-34
EDUC 475         Teaching Reading Skills in the Content Areas3
EDUC 520         Teaching Beginning Literacy3
EDUC 521         Principles of Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms3
EDUC 533         Literature-Based Reading Instruction3
 EDUC 535         Reading Diagnosis and Remediation3
EDUC 546         Reading and Writing Assessment 3
ENGL 574         Literature for Children3
ENGL 575         Literature for Young Adults3
ENGL 576         Multi-Cultural Literature for Children4
ENGL 529         Writing Workshop: From Theory to Practice3
ENGL 539         Writing Workshop: Integrating Reading Literature, and Writing K-123
ENGL 549         Writing Workshop: Thinking and Writing with Computers3
PSYC 531         Psychology of Reading3
Approved Electives*0-4
     * Electives must be chosen in consultation with the student's adviser.
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