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School of Education and Psychology Graduate Bulletin 2012-2014

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.), Instruction with Certification (Secondary)

This program is designed for candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in an area other than education interested in receiving both an M.A.T. degree and Washington state and/or Denominational certification for teaching in the middle school, junior high, and high school. Candidates who want Washington state certification must have an endorsable teaching major and/or it's equivalent (45+ credits in an endorsable content area) that has been approved by the School of Education and Psychology.

Specialization Prerequisites: Passing scores on the WEST-B and the WEST-E subject area exam. PSYC 130 General Psychology, SPCH 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication (or a foreign language sequence), ENGL 223 Research Writing or equivalent course work. RELT 202 Fundamentals of Christian Belief and HLTH 110 Wellness for Living or HLTH 205 Survey of Health, or equivalent course work and an additional 6 quarter credit hours of religion course work are prerequisites for denominational certification.

Specialization Requirements     credits
Basic Core     12
EDUC 522 Philosophy and Education 3  
EDUC 551 Action Research 3  
PSYC 521 Psychology of Learning 3  
SPED 550 Understanding Research 3  
Instruction Core     37-38
EDCI 565 Instructional Methodology 3  
EDCI 567 Instructional Methodology Practicum 1  
EDCI 590 Measurement and Evaluation in Education 4  
EDUC 425 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Education 2  
EDUC 444 Teaching Culturally Diverse Students 2  
EDUC 475 Teaching Reading in the Content Area 3  
EDUC 476 Orientation to Student Teaching 0  
EDUC 481 Student Teaching in the Secondary School 9  
EDUC 492 Education of the Gifted 3  
EDUC 495 Colloquium: Child Abuse 0  
EDUC 515 Classroom Technology Tools 2  
PSYC 506 Advanced Human Development 3  
SPED 405 Teaching the Exceptional Child 3  
XXXX 395+ Methods Course in Area of Endorsement 2-3  
Denominational Certification (Optional)     6
RELH 457 History of Adventism 3  
RELT 417 Inspiration and Revelation 3 _______
    Total 49-50 or *56

*Includes SDA Denominational Certification
+In some disciplines this course has prerequisites

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