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EDUCATION SPECIALIZATIONS (Master of Arts in Teaching)

M.A.T. degrees are considered terminal, professional degrees.  Students choosing to complete an M.A.T degree must understand that it is not a path to a doctoral program.


This program is designed for candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in an area other than elementary education interested in receiving both an M.A.T. degree and Washington state and/or Denominational certification with an endorsement in elementary education.

Specialization Prerequisites: Pass all sections of the WEST-B (basic skills state exam in reading, writing, and math), PSYC 130 General Psychology, SPCH 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication, ENGL 223 Research Writing, MATH 112, 113 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, GEOG 252 Physical Geography,

HIST 221 or 222 History of the United States, Course work in Physical and Life Science (one of which must include a lab), or equivalent course work, HLTH 110 Wellness for Living. RELT 202 Fundamentals of Christian Belief or equivalent course work and an additional 8 quarter credits hours of religion course work are prerequisites for denominational certification. Other state certification assessment requirements: WEST-E (endorsement content exam), and the WA State Assessment Tool.

Specialization Requirements:

Basic Core  12
  EDUC 522          Philosophy and Education                                          3
 EDUC 551         Action Research 3
PSYC 521         Psychology of Learning3
 EDUC 550         Understanding Research3
Instruction Core63
       ART 395         Methods of Teaching Art2
EDCI 550         Language Development in Young Children3
EDCI 560         Elementary Curriculum and Instruction: Reading and Language Arts I3
EDCI 561         Elementary Curriculum and Instruction: Reading and Language Arts II3
EDCI 573         Elementary Curriculum and Instruction: Mathematics4
EDCI 582         Elementary Curriculum and Instruction: Social Studies3
EDCI 583         Elementary Curriculum and Instruction: Science and Health3
EDCI 590         Measurement and Evaluation in Education4
EDUC 405         Classroom Organization and Management3
EDUC 425         Legal and Ethical Aspects of Education2
EDUC 444         Teaching Culturally Diverse Students2
EDUC 472         Introduction to Student Teaching Field Experienceo
EDUC 476         Elementary Student Teaching Part 12
EDUC 480         Elementary Student Teaching Part 29
EDUC 493         Student Teaching Assessments3
EDUC 495         Colloquium: Child Abuseo
EDUC 515         Classroom Technology Tools2
EDUC 521         Principles of Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms3
ENGL 574         Literature for Children3
MUED 394         Music in the Elementary School3
PETH 473         Teaching Elementary Health and Physical Education3
PSYC 506         Advanced Human Development3
WEST-E Exam         Pass the WEST-E for Elementary Educationo
         Pass the WA State Assessment Toolo
Denominational Certification (Optional)8
EDCI 581         Elementary Curriculum and Instruction: Religion2
EDUC 495         Colloquium: Small Schoolso
RELH 457         History of Adventism3
RELT 417         Inspiration and Revelation3
Total       75 or *83

*Includes SDA Denominational Certification

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