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School of Education and Psychology Graduate Bulletin 2012-2014

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.), Educational Leadership

This program of study prepares candidates to serve effectively as school principals. It is designed for the practitioner who does not plan to pursue a doctorate. Courses are selected to provide the graduate student with a useful blend of educational theory, administrative principles, and practical skills. It is important to consult with a program advisor prior to beginning the program.

Specialization Prerequisites: State or SDA Teacher certification and a minimum of 540 days (3 school years) of verified satisfactory full-time teaching experience prior to awarding of degree. No more than 60 days of substitute teaching may apply.

Specialization Requirements: credits
Basic Core12
EDUC 522Philosophy and Education3
EDUC 551Action Research3
PSYC 521Psychology of Learning3
SPED 550Understanding Research3
Educational Leadership Core28
EDAD 525Human Relations in Education3
EDAD 526School Finance3
EDAD 527School Facilities and Services3
EDAD 539Supervision of Instruction, K-124
EDAD 545Principalship, K-124
EDAD 550School Law4
EDAD 565Practicum in Administration4
EDUC 556Curriculum Planning3
Approved Electives8
*Electives must be chosen in consultation with the student's adviser.____
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