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School of Education and Psychology Graduate Bulletin 2012-2014

Counseling Psychology (M.A. Thesis Option)

For individuals who want to practice counseling in a private or agency setting, this option provides strong preparation for the National Counseling Examination (NCE) or the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE), state certification as a mental health counselor and certification as a National Certified Counselor (NCC). In addition, this option serves as a stepping-stone to doctoral study in counseling psychology.

Specialization Prerequisites: All applicants must have completed General Psychology. Applicants who have not completed course work in Human Development, Statistics, Abnormal Psychology and Personality/Counseling Theories, or their equivalents may be required to attend intensive classes held before fall quarter begins. All applicants will be interviewed by one or more School of Education and Psychology faculty members.

Once a student is accepted, a $200 nonrefundable deposit is due 30 days after notice of acceptance to reserve a place in the counseling psychology program. This deposit will be applied toward tuition charges when the student enrolls. Students accepted after May 1 should make this deposit as soon as they receive an acceptance letter. Accepted students who miss the deposit deadline may lose their place in the counseling psychology program. The deposit check should be made payable to Walla Walla University and sent to School of Education and Psychology, 204 South College Avenue, College Place, WA 99324; the student’s name and social security number should be included to ensure proper credit.

Specialization Requirements:     credits
Basic Courses     13
PSYC 501 Statistics in Research 3  
PSYC 502 Statistics Lab 1  
PSYC 521 Psychology of Learning 3  
PSYC 561 Methods of Research 3  
PSYC 562 Methods of Qualitative Research 2  
PSYC 598 Graduate Seminar 1  
Counseling Psychology Core     43
PSYC 489 Career Counseling Theories 3  
PSYC 506 Advanced Human Development 3  
PSYC 510 Counseling Theories 3  
PSYC 515 Advanced Counseling Theories 3  
PSYC 518 Group Counseling 3  
PSYC 520 Child and Family Counseling 3  
PSYC 524 Counseling Diverse Populations 3  
PSYC 530 Marriage Counseling 3  
PSYC 532 Psychological Assessment I 3  
PSYC 534 Psychological Assessment II 3  
PSYC 565 Counseling Techniques 3  
PSYC 566 Practicum in Counseling 4  
PSYC 572 Psychopathology 3  
PSYC 589 Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling and Psychology   3  
Internship and Thesis     16
PSYC 567 Internship in Counseling Psychology 8  
PSYC 590 Thesis 8 ___
    Total   72
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