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Students must complete all requirements as listed in this bulletin and in the "General Procedures for the Completion of the M.S. Degree in Biology" (available from the department). A Program of Study prepared on an official form must be approved by the program director and submitted to Graduate Council by the third quarter of enrollment.  Official approval of this program will be acknowledged by a letter from the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Any changes in the study program must be documented on a Program Change Form and require the signatures of the adviser, program director and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Because of the variety of biological and interdisciplinary opportunities available at the Walla Walla University Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory, all graduate students are encouraged to attend one summer term.

Prerequisite background:

Undergraduate background should include a B.S. or B.A. in Biology from an accredited institution.  Students with degrees in other science areas should contact the department before applying.  Specific cognate courses required include: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Physics, and Pre-calculus.

Curriculum requirements:

The primary requirement is the completion of a thesis based upon original research. Program requirements consist of a minimum of 45 quarter credits, 27 of which must be courses numbered 500 or above. Not more than five credits below a B- grade will be accepted in the graduate program.

MS Degree Program: 
Colloquium (BIOL 495 - six quarters) o
Graduate Seminar (BIOL 510 - five courses)5
Electives (10 credits must be 500-level BIOL courses)28
      Thesis Requirements: 12
            Thesis Proposal (BIOL 544)  2
            Thesis Research (BIOL 545)  8
            Thesis (BIOL 546)  2
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