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Walla Walla University Graduate Bulletin 2010-2012

The Faculty (M-R)

Julian M. Melgosa, Professor of Education and Psychology (2006)
      B.A. 1975, University of Madrid
      M.A. 1980, University of Madrid
      Ph.D. 1985, Andrews University

Debbie S. Muthersbaugh, Assistant Professor of Education (2010)
     B.S. 1980, Walla Walla University
     M.Ed. 2009, University of Idaho

Jessica Murray, Adjunct Professor of Social Work and Sociology (2007)
      B.S.W. 1993, Boston College
      M.S.W. 2000, Walla Walla University

James R. Nestler, Professor of Biology (1990)
      B.S. 1984; M.S. 1986, Walla Walla University
      Ph.D. 1990, University of Colorado at Boulder

Janet D. Ockerman, Professor of Social Work and Sociology (1999)
      A.B. 1968, Transylvania University
      M.A. 1969, University of Kentucky
      Ph.D. 1977, Georgia State University
      M.S.W. 1994, Walla Walla University

Helo Oidjarv, Assistant Professor of Social Work (2010)
      B.A. 1996, University of Tartu
      M.A. 1997, University of Tartu
      M.S.W. 2000, Andrews University
      Ph. D. 2009, University of Illinois at Chicago

Pamela Bing Perry, Assistant Professor of Social Work (2009)
      B.S. 1984, Union College
      M.B.A. 1988, University of Kansas
      M.S. 2003, Loma Linda University
      D.M.F.T. 2009, Loma Linda University

Nancy R. Peters, Associate Professor of Social Work and Sociology (1999)
     B.S.W. 1988, University of Alaska
     M.S.W. 1995, New Mexico Highlands University
     Ph.D. 2008, Capella University

B. Wayne Pollard, Assistant Professor of Social Work (2010)
     B.A. 1990, East Carolina University
     M.S.W. 2005, Florida International University

Tamara L. Randolph, Associate Professor of Education (2002)
      B.A. 1966, Union College
      M.Ed. 1995, Eastern Washington University
      Ph.D. 2000, Washington State University

Joan M. Redd, Professor of Biology (1992)
      B.S. 1979, M.S. 1981, Walla Walla University
      Ph.D. 1989, University of Denver

*Dates in parentheses indicate beginning year of instruction for Walla Walla University

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