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Walla Walla University Graduate Bulletin 2012-2014

Specialization Areas (Secondary Education), Chairs and Deans

Kellie A. Bond, Assistant Professor of English (2004)
      B.A. 1993, Walla Walla University
      M.A. 1998; Ph.D. 2002, University of Oregon

Montgomery S. Buell, Associate Professor of History (1996)
      B.A. 1990, Walla Walla University
      M.A. 1995, Purdue University

Robert A. Cushman Jr., Professor of Biological Sciences (2008)
      B.S. 1975, Walla Walla College
      M.S. 1983, Loma Linda University
      Ph.D. 1994, Colorado School of Mines

Marvin L. Denney, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education (1991)
      B.S. 1978, Walla Walla University
      M.Ed. 1982, Eastern Washington University

Thomas B. Ekkens, Assistant Professor of Physics (2004)
      B.S. 1991, Andrew University
      M.S. 1995, University of Notre Dame
      Ph.D. 1999, University of Notre Dame

Thomas J. Emmerson, Professor of Art (1976)
      B.A. 1972, Walla Walla University
      B.F.A. 1974; M.F.A. 1979, Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County

Carolyn S. Gaskell, Director of College Libraries (1978)
      B.A. 1976, Pacific Union College
      M.A. 1977, University of Denver

Jean-Paul Grimaud, Associate Professor of Modern Languages (2000)
      B.Theology 1995, University of Strasbourg (Licence en Theologie)
      M. In French 1997, University of Grenoble (Maitrise en Francais)

Steven H. Lee, Professor of Chemistry (1983)
      B.S. 1976, Andrews University
      Ph.D. 1981, University of Wisconsin

Linda F. Nelson, Professor of Technology (1998)
      B.A. 1980; B.S. 1982; M.S.Ed. 1983, Eastern Illinois University
      Ed. D. 1990, West Virginia University

Nancy L. Semotiuk, Associate professor of Communications (1989)
      B.A. 1979, Walla Walla University
      M.A. 1992, Norwich University

Karin E. Thompson, Associate Professor of Music (2009)
      B.Mus. 1991, Walla Walla College
      M.Mus. 1993, Johns Hopkins University
      Ph.D. 2001, University of Maryland

JoAnn Y. Wiggins, Professor of Business (1987)
      B.S. 1982; M.Ed. 1985, Walla Walla College
      Ph.D. 1988, University of Idaho

Kenneth L. Wiggins, Professor of Mathematics (1980)
      B.A. 1968, Walla Walla University
      M.S. 1971; Ph.D. 1974, Montana State University

*Dates in parentheses indicate beginning year of instruction for Walla Walla University

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