Office of Graduate Studies
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Walla Walla University Graduate Bulletin 2012-2014

Administrative Staff

Academic Administration

Deans of Schools
Business, JoAnn Y. Wiggins, Ph.D.
Education and Psychology, Julian M. Melgosa, Ph.D.
Engineering, Douglas M. Logan, Ph.D.
Nursing, Lucille Benson Krull, Ph.D.
Social Work and Sociology, Pamela K. Cress, Ph.D.
Theology, David E. Thomas, D.Min.

Chairs of Departments
Art, Thomas J. Emmerson, M.F.A.
Biological Sciences, Robert S. Cushman, Ph.D.
Chemistry, Steven H. Lee, Ph.D.
Communications and Languages, Nancy L. Semotiuk, M.A.
English, Kellie A. Bond, M.A.
Health and Physical Education, Marvin L. Denney, M.Ed.
History and Philosophy, Montgomery S. Buell, M.A.
Mathematics, Kenneth L. Wiggins, Ph.D. 
Music,  Karin E. Thompson, Ph.D.
Physics, Thomas Ekkens, Ph.D.
Technology, Linda F. Nelson, Ed.D.

Directors of Graduate Programs
Biology, Joan M. Redd, Ph.D.
Counseling Psychology, R. Lee Stough, Ph.D.
Education, Julian M. Melgosa, Ph.D.
Social Work, James D. Boyd, MSW

Academic Support

Director of Libraries, Carolyn S. Gaskell, M.A.
Director of Marine Station, James R. Nestler, Ph.D.
Director of Records and Registrar, Carolyn D. Denney, M.A.
Director of Summer Session, Scott H. Ligman, Ph.D.

Student Services

Chaplain, Padraic S. McCoy, B.A.
Consulting Physician, Tom Underhill, M.D.
Dean of Men, Tom Blackwelder, B.S.
Dean of Women, Misty D. Puymon, M.S. 
Director of Counseling and Testing Services, Donald E. Wallace, Ph.D. 
Director of Campus Security, George R. Bennett
Director of Food Service, Miles Rottman, B.A.
Director of Health Services, Wanda J. Nelson, M.S.N., A.R.N.P.
University Housing, Don Veverka, B.A.

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