Sandy Schnell

Sandy Schnell has been a member of the Walla Walla University Board of Trustees since 2011.  Schnell graduated from Loma Linda University in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in physical therapy.  She works as a physical therapist for Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Canyon West.

Schnell juggles multiple roles at the Caldwell Seventh-day Adventist Church.  She is an ordained elder, a Cradle Roll leader, a wedding coordinator, and the special music coordinator. 

In addition to community service, Schnell has done mission work in Peru and Chile.  Born and raised in Brazil, she is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Schnell and her husband Gary, a dentist, have two children, Andrew, a student at WWU, and Samantha, a graduate of Gem State Academy.

She enjoys camping, hiking, photography, and adding to her elephant collectibles. 

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