Max C. Torkelsen II

Max C. Torkelsen II was named to the Walla Walla University Board of Trustees when he was elected president of the Upper Columbia Conference in July 1996.

He was named chairman of the board in November 2008, at his appointment as president of the North Pacific Union Conference.

In 1972, Torkelsen completed a Bachelor of Arts in theology at Pacific Union College.  Following graduation, he earned two graduate degrees: a Master of Arts in church administration from Andrews University in 1974, and a Master of Public Health from Loma Linda University in 1975.  

Some of his particular interests have included encouraging an extensive network of church-owned radio and television stations, facilitating establishment of a shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and participation in numerous international mission projects.  

Torkelsen is vice chair of the Adventist Health Board and is a co-founder of, a global internet ministry now affiliated with Discover Bible Schools. In addition, he is active in the Spokane community as a trustee of Connoisseur Concerts, an organization dedicated to encouraging appreciation for the great classical music of the world.   

Torkelsen and his wife, Linnea, have two grown, married daughters, Annalisa and Katie, both of whom graduated from WWU.

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