People Notes

Monique Acosta, a 2007 history graduate, was awarded the University of Chicago Fellowship to study archeology. The fellowship covers full tuition and living expenses.

Acosta is earning her doctorate in Egyptian archaeology. Her minor concentrations are Syro-Palestinian Archaelogy and Akkadian, the extinct eastern Semitic language of Assyria and Babylonia, which she has studied for two years already.

Charis Walikonis
, a 2005 English graduate, was awarded a Fulbright grant to study linguistics in Albania this year. Walikonis is studying the effects of language standardization during the Communist period on the northern Albanian dialect. The grant covers tuition and all travel and living expenses for her year abroad.

In addition to taking classes and researching Albanian linguistics, Walikonis is involved in extracurricular activities designed to immerse her in the community. She also plans to volunteer as an English teacher with the Association of Albanian Girls and Women, an organization that helps former victims of forced prostitution reintegrate into society.

Kris Wettstein, a 2007 music graduate, was awarded a full tuition scholarship to Rice University in Houston, Texas. The scholarship will cover his expenses while he pursues a Masters of Music in Piano Performance.

To qualify for the scholarship, Wettstein spent a day at Rice University, giving a 15-minute audition and taking several tests in music history and theory. The scholarship was awarded based on the merit of his transcript, his resume, and his test scores. n

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