Benefactor's Society

Alice Ames
Kirk and Melody Ayers
Beverly Beem
Darold and Barbara Bigger
Alma Binder
Tim and Lois Blackwelder
Maxine E. Blome
Robert and Georgene Bond
Lester and Geraldine Border
Rosamond Bowman
Burton and Carolyn Briggs
Merrilyn Brown
Edwin and Grace Cafferky
D. Ordell and Margaret Calkins
Merle Calkins
Sue Cason
Muriel Chapman
Douglas and Carmen Clark
Naomi Cochran
Ruth Copeland
Carlton and Nancy Cross
Walden and Ellen Davis
Donaldn and Orletta Dealy
Donald and Elaine DeVries
James and Joyce Dutro
Jon and Kathryn Dybdahl
Pauul and Kristyn Dybdahl
Wilder Eby
James and Vicky Edwards
John H Edwards
Dorsett Feyen
Howard Finke
Allan and Donna Fisher
Lawrence Folkes
James and Christine Forsyth
Brant and Marion Foster
Marcene Garriott
Henry and Mayme Gerber
Oscar Gerst
Earl and Vera Dean Gregg
Don and Phyllis Hall
James and Futh Hall
Beatrice Ham
Bruce and Mary Ham
Howard and Elizabeth Hanafin
Edward Harding
Lewis and Ruth Hart
Eugenia Hixson
Stanley and Mary Hixson
Lloyd and Lorena Hoffman
Helen Holiak
Archie Howatson
Wynelle Huff
Esther Jenkins
Floyd Jepson
Lois Johannes
Eunice Johnson
Ed and Marilyn Karlow
Mary Kincaid
Charles and Irene Kirkpatrick
Clarence and Helen Klopfenstein
Melvin and Joyce Lang
William and Louise Lawson
William and Winona Lee
Nancy Ann Linder
Walter and Luella Litchfield
Sandra Love
Delpha Lundeen
Dan and Betsy Matthews
Lyman and Victoria Miller
Eldon and Opal Mills
William and Marjorie Moreno
James and Alice Nash
Olen and Mary Nations
Dan and Mary Necker
Ted and Nancy Nedderman
Jim and Nancy Nestler
Joan Ogden
Calvin and Alyse Olson
Howard and Monta Osborne
E. Glen and Ester Paine
Effie Pampaian
Jim and Della Park
Deulah Payne
Tom and Barbara Pelett
Harold and Fyrnn Pendry
Lloyd and Fern Piper
Hoe T. and Mary Poh
Philip and Betty Pritel
Robert and Barbara Richards
Lois Norton Ritchie-Ritter
Geneva Smith Roberts
Robert and Alberta Roth
Donn and Glenna Ryder
James and Thais Sadoyama
Don and MayBelle Sargeant
Doyle and Lorelei Saxby
Donavon and Marcella Schwisow
Jaclin Smith
Lloyd and Edith Smith
Louis and Marguerite Smith
Sam and Carol Smith
Myrtle Tall
Everett and Shirley Tetz
Mary Tetz
Roger Thiesen
Griffith and Shirley Thomas
Ella Thornton
Margaret Trautwein-Cook
Gordon Travis
Phil and Reid Wasser
Ray and Pat Watson
Ray and Rosemary Watts
Dorothy Weisz
Sylvia Wilson
Virginia H. Wilson
Tim and Cheri Windemuth
Gerald and Vicki Winkle
Wade and Rosalee Wolfe
Ralph and Franice Stirling
Tim Eiseman
C. Stanley Lloyd
D. Joyce Engel
Don and Alyce Bais
Melvina nd Betty West
Lois Carscallen
Yew-Chong and Lilly Wong
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