Gloria (Gordan) Harty ’57 and her husband, George ’58, are retired and living in Tracy, Calif. She taught grade school for about 30 years in many different states and was also a secretary to the publishing department in the Northern California Conference for three years. This August George and Dorothy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They have three sons, Richard, Stewart, and Gordon. She says that her favorite memories from college were, “My many friends and great teachers. Most of all I met George, my husband, there.”

John Irvine ’57
and his wife, Enid (Roberts) att., are retired and living in Bella Vista, Ariz. John enjoys nature, outdoor photography, and birding. He spent many years in the biology department of Canadian Union College and Southwestern Adventist University. He also spent time in Hong Kong doing mission service until he retired in 1993. His favorite WWU memory is the Columbia Auditorium Services and the early days when enrollment was smaller and atmosphere was somewhat more personable. John and Enid have two children, David and Marie.

Louis Johnson ’57 and his wife, LaGreta, are living in Hermiston, Ore. Louis served in the Army from 1957 to 1959 and was also an occupational therapy specialist at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. He taught industrial technology at Hermiston High School for 31 years and then went into home design and building. As of 2005, he is doing drafting and design for residential structures. He remembers the worship times in Sittner Hall and chapel in Columbia Auditorium. Louis and LaGreta have three children, Pamela, Mark, and Mike.

Allene Edgecombe Ludden ’57 and her husband, Hubert ’50, are living in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. She is a retired teacher and writes, “Since graduating from WWU, I’ve been able to do almost exactly what I’ve wanted with my life.” Upon retirement in 1982, she had taught 29 years. She was able to travel across the United States and Canada six times, visit Hawaii once, and Alaska four times. She has also traveled through Europe by auto, and flown to Zambia and South Africa, and then over to Brazil. The couple also joined Mission Church Builders. While Hubert was working on building, Allene enjoyed cooking breakfast. She writes, “I especially enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people working together doing God’s work.” Allene and Hubert have two children, David ’66, ’72, and Terri “Tia” (Biegel) ’72. Allene writes, “I think my favorite memories are the hours I spent with Miss Searle in the old elementary school building.”

Roger Mathews ’57 and his wife, Trudy, reside in Carmichael, Calif. He is a self-employed physician and has also made many humanitarian trips to the South Pacific Islands over the past 23 years. Roger and Trudy have two children, Randy and Gary.

Michael Pestes ’57 and his wife, Corinne (Elliott) ’58, are living in Sierra Vista, Ariz. He was a professor in materials engineering for North Dakota State University for 40 years. He has received two master’s degrees, one in stress analysis and the other in material science. He has also worked in forensic engineering and accident reconstruction. After designing a two-room church school for Fargo Seventh-day Adventist Church, he is now working to refurbish the Sierra Vista Church facility in Arizona. During his time at WWU, he worked hard to receive good grades and gained a deep respect for Professor Edward F. Cross. Michael and Corinne have three children, Laurin ’82, Jean ’86, and Ryan ’88.

Richard Pflugrad ’57 and his wife, Harriet (Sabo) att., are living in Medford, Ore. After spending 25 years as an elementary school teacher, he is enjoying retirement. They spend their winters in the sunshine of Yuma, Ariz. The couple has three children, Pamela Blackburn att., Cynthia Lowe ’82, and Kathryn.

Mickey Purdom ’57 is living in Whittier, Calif. He is a self-employed physician. He has two daughters, Lorena Roman and Kendra Budka ’01. When he isn’t working, he enjoys ranching and farming on his Idaho ranch. His favorite memory from WWU is the Bible classes.

Evelyn (Domke) Riegert ’57 is living in Saratoga, Calif. After 34 years of teaching at Mission College in Santa Clara, Calif., she retired in 2000. She enjoys knitting and gardening. Recently she traveled to China and attended church in Beijing and Shanghai, where over 1,000 members gather each Sabbath. She says the members are “faithful to the core.” She has two children, David and Karen. Her memories from WWU include the Saturday night programs and the band playing the “College Bogey March.”

Richard Roberts att. and his wife Barbara (Parker) ’57, are enjoying retirement in Brier, Wash. He worked in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination for 40 years, mostly as the Conference Treasurer, be-
fore retiring in 1997. His hobbies include working on cars and gardening. Richard and Barbara have three children, Richard ’81, Sally Jo ’84, and Danny (deceased).

Richard Tompkins ’57 and his wife, Norma, are living in Yucaipa, Calif. He practiced as a pediatrician for 20 years and spent 20 years doing medical management. Richard and Norma have four children, Brent, Trevor, Blair, and Troy. His favorite part of WWU was the music trips to various academies and churches.

Gordon Travis ’51 and his wife, Verna (Sackett) ’51, are residing in Willits, Calif. Upon graduating from WWU, Gordon returned to school at Andrews University to receive his master’s degree in Bible and systematic theology. Gordon, Verna, and their 11-year-old grandson, Luke Travis, participated in an Evangelistic Crusade at the Abelo Seventh-day Adventist Church in Abelo, San Nicolas, Batangas, in the Philippines. The laymen in Abelo were active in giving Bible studies and witnessing. God gave 36 baptisms, with 10 following the next month. Then he served 10 years in the Northern California Conference. Verna was employed with Pacific Union College for 25 years. This year they celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary. They have three children and five grandchildren.


Nola (McHenry) Aichele ’62 and her husband, Murit, are living in Yakima, Wash. Nola received her master’s degree in social work in 1991 and has been working as a therapist ever since. Currently she is working part-time at Children’s Village, a unique one-stop service for children. Nola and Murit have three children, Sue Ann Bowen-Rossignol ’94, James, and William. Her favorite memory from WWU is Friday night “Welsh Rarebit” suppers.

Dale Beaulieu ’62 and his wife, Lorene (Jennings) att., are living in Clackamas, Ore. He spent six-and-a-half years in the academy treasury and 31 1/2 years in conference treasury and Union conference treasury. He also spent three years as vice president of finance for Adventist World Radio at the General Conference. He was ordained in 1976 at the Chesapeake Camp meeting. He retired in 2003 after 41 years working in the Adventist church. Dale and Lorene have three grown children, Richard, Joanne, and Denis. Some of Dale’s memories from WWU include, the many band trips with Karl Haffner as director, Dr. Helen Evans English Classes, Dean Johansen’s patience and understanding in Sittner Hall, and TW Walter’s help in getting him to get back to college and graduate with a business degree.

Charles Dick ’62 and his wife, Lorayne (Butler) att., are retired and living in Port Orchard, Wash. Charles is currently serving as a pastoral assistant for Brementon Seventh-day Adventist Church. His main hobbies are oil and watercolor painting and some woodworking. Both of them have had time to travel on several road trips, cruises, and a flight to Hawaii. Being an engineer, he looks back at the fellowship with the other engineering students at WWU and remembers the special warmth from Professor Cross. He says, “Best of all, I met my wife and we married in 1963.” Charles and Loryane have two children, Nancy att. and Jeffry att.

Barbara (MacIsaac) Fromm ’62 and her husband, Leslie att., are living in Cleburne, Texas, where she is a contract teacher for Hills College. In July of 2005 she married Leslie, which she says has made her, “exceedingly happy.” He was her first boyfriend at Modesto Union Academy in 1951. They have been traveling and plan to do more in the upcoming year. They are both active in the Joshua Seventh-day Adventist Church. They have two children, son Darrell McKay and daughter Felicia McKay-Weever, and six grandchildren. She remembers the wonderful teachers who really cared about students at WWU. They left great impressions and lots of good memories.

Dorothy (Tanner) Johnson ’62 and her husband, Bill ’66, are retired and living in Tillamook, Ore. Dorothy is a retired registered nurse, with the last 23 years of her nursing career working in an emergency department. Since retiring, she has been volunteering one day a week for Faith in Action. They both enjoy walking, biking, and traveling, and are active in their local church. Dorothy and Bill have two children, Ron ’89 and Carla.

Chester Pflugrad ’62 and his wife, Ellen (Ginter) att., are living in Weslaco, Texas. He is a retired physician and enjoys snow skiing, backpacking, and hiking portions of the Pacific Crest in stages. Chester also likes spending time with his 10 grandchildren. The couple has four children, Chester Jr., David att., Sharon, and Debra ’89.

Fern (Baird) Bain ’67 and her husband, Francis, are living in Auburn, Wash. She is retired after 29 years of teaching. She enjoys playing softball, skating, and skiing, but especially gardening. She attended summer sessions between school sessions. Fern enjoyed the atmosphere at college, both Andrews and Walla Walla. She is now residing in Parkside Retirement home in Auburn. The couple has two children, Marjory ’75, and Loren att.

Victoria Iizuka ’67 and her husband, Masayasu “Jack,” are living in Japan. She teaches English as a second language and owns a family business. She loves tennis, skiing, SCUBA, gold, and she says, “the most rewarding is our short volunteer mission trips to Micronesia. We love to see the vehicles we’ve sent there for the school and churches to use.” Victoria and Jack have two children, Katsuya ’02 and Koji ’05.

Edward Mackenzie ’67 and his wife, Ruth (Gilliland) ’71, are living in Yakima, Wash. His hobbies include bird watching, jogging, reading, and traveling. One of his favorite things about WWU was meeting his wife-to-be in the college laundry. He also loved flag football, basketball, and volleyball. Edward and Ruth have four children, Vaughn ’92, Lawana att., Jonathan ’01, and Richard ’01.

Carol (Stafford) Maher ’67 and her husband, Tom att., reside in Hermiston, Ore. Carol is in her 33rd year of teaching elementary school for the Upper Columbia Conference. She enjoys baking different types of bread, and says it’s not with a bread machine—all homemade. When she was going to college she worked at the College Store and remembers her friends from the dormitory. Carol and Tom have two children, Patrick att. and Marty.

Jack Wendell ’67 is living in Victor, Calif. He is the recreation coordinator for the city of Galt, Calif. He was a high school basketball referee for 25 years, and an umpire in the American Softball Association for 35 years. Jack also is a member of the Softball Hall of Fame and has worked in many National Softball Tournaments. He loves softball and golf. He has two children, Barbara and Brian.

Charles Zacharias ’67 and his wife, “Jeri” Beverly (Lemon) att., are living in Calhoun, Ga. Charles is instrumental and keyboard director at Georgia-Cumberland Academy. He is in his 11th year at the academy where he also teaches band, string orchestras, and hand bells. He serves as an organist at the academy church as well as a Sunday church, and is an authorized dealer for Johannus Organs. With his love for music, he thoroughly enjoyed the religious services with Melvin West at the organ, especially loved Evensong.


Sandra Bent ’72 is living in Saugus, Mass., where she is in her 40th year of teaching academy science. This is also her 32nd year teaching at the Greater Boston Academy. She likes gardening, photography, reading, and traveling. She plans to retire next fall in Maine. One of her favorite memories of WWU is summers at Rosario Beach and classes with Dr. Perry.

George Carpenter ’72 and his wife, Rose, make their home in Zephyrhills, Fla. George has served in the Southern Union Conference as a pastor in the Kentucky/Tennessee, Georgia Cumberland, and Florida conferences, and as an evangelist in the Mid-America Union. Currently he is serving as a chaplain at Adventist Care Center where he lives in Florida. He enjoys landscaping. He is also a sports fanatic, cheering for the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Royals. He enjoys collecting sports cards and sports memorabilia. George and Rose have four children and four grandchildren. His favorite experiences from WWU were Saturday night Rook tournaments, ping-pong tournaments, and other social activities.

Jane (Fessler) Watt ’72 and her husband, Mike att., are living in Fresno, Ca-
lif. Jane enjoys photography, gardening, cooking, and cycling. She has completed three “century” rides for “Team in Training,” raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She just started her 23rd year as an oncology nurse. Her husband, Mike, is a commercial real estate broker and has also joined her on the last two century bike rides. They have three children, Ryan, Tyler, and Shelby.

Randon “Randy” Hesgard ’72 and his wife, Donna (Brass) ’73, are living in Boise, Idaho. Upon graduating he spent a few years in the Oregon Conference as a pastor. From 1979 until now he has been working as Chaplain of the U.S. Air Force doing stateside and nationwide tours. He says, “It’s been a wonderful ministry through God’s blessing.” Randy and Donna have two children, Tim ’01 and Joel ’01. He enjoyed the Christian atmosphere and fellowship with his classmates from WWU.

Vello Martin ’72 is living in Washington, D.C. and enjoying retirement. Before retiring Vello worked as a registered nurse. She enjoys gardening, playing the piano, reading, and exercising. Her favorite memory at WWU is attending religious classes under the instruction of professor Gerald Winslow. She also enjoyed the friendly nursing instructors and the helpful classmates.

Dale Messenger ’72 and his wife, Dorothy, are living in Knoxville, Iowa. He is a registered professional engineer in Oregon, Alabama, and Iowa. His hobbies include remodeling, motorcycling, water sports, and snow skiing. His favorite WWU memory was skiing up in the Blue Mountains and spending weekends with friends.

Susan (Dornbush) Ojala ’72 and ’02 is living in Englewood, Colo. Currently she is the vice principal for finance at Mile High Academy. She enjoys traveling, home remodeling and landscaping, and needlework. She has two children, Greg ’02 and Randy att.

Bruce Boyd ’76 and his wife, Loma (McCreery) ’76, are living in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. After being a pastor in Montana from 1977-1990 and working in British Columbia from 1990-2006, Bruce and Loma moved to Alberta where he is teaching in the religious studies department of Canadian University College. One of the hobbies the couple enjoys is bicycle touring. In August of 2005 they spent most of the month biking nearly 2,000 kilometers of British Columbia. They have three children, Benjamin ’02, Jeremiah ’05, and Jodi curr. att.

Pat (Barza) Catlett ’77 is working and living in Yucaipa, Calif. She is a teacher for Fontana Unified School District. She is currently working on the house she bought almost two years ago. She still rides with the Riverside County Sheriff’s posse and is enjoying teaching second grade.

Stan Christensen ’77 and his wife, Debbie (Larson) ’73, live in Walla Walla. He has commercially fished for salmon in Alaska for more than 40 years. He married Debbie in 1981 and lived up the Walla Walla River for nearly 25 years. They are now remodeling their home near Whitman Mission. This fall Stan is going back to school to earn his registered nurse degree. Debbie is teaching private piano lessons. They also enjoy spending time with their daughter, Kari, and their son, Tyler, and their two little grandchildren, Dominick and Emmalia.

Anders Engdahl ’77 and his wife, Debra ’78, are living in Kalispell, Mont. He is currently working at Physician Northwest Imaging and has had the privilege of being the president of a 10-member radiology group that provides medical imaging to seven hospitals in northwest Montana. Besides working, Anders and Debra enjoy teaching youth SabbathSchool, traveling, camping, and climbing in Glacier National Park. He remembers Friday night vespers and Dr. Dickinson’s Sabbath School classes.

Linda (Bakke) Joice ’77 and her husband, Paul, are living in Happy Valley, Calif. She is a nurse at Northwest Cancer Specialist. They have two children, Heather att. and Brittany, who will graduate in ’07 with a nursing degree.

Doug Johnson ’77 and his wife, Denise (Sylvester) ’76, are living in Spangle, Wash., where Doug is the executive secretary for the Upper Columbia Conference. In 1996 he published a book on the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Northwest, titled Adventism on the Northwestern Frontier. He also served as a pastor in the Washington Conference from 1977 until 1989 and was a pastor in the UCC from 1989 to 2000. From 2000 until 2005 he served as an assistant to the president and director of communications in the UCC. Doug enjoys hiking, walking, mountain climbing, reading, and researching denominational history in the American West. Doug and Denise have three children, Hans ’04 and Erik ’03.

Jeanne (Andreika) Johnson ’77 and her husband, Tracy, are living in Poway, Calif. Jeanne served in the Navy for eight years and met her husband while stationed on Guam. They settled in San Diego after they both got out of the military. Currently she is working as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente, working with the high risk pregnant population, and sees God’s hand guiding those lives daily. She says, “ The friendships I made in nursing school on the WWU campus have lasted a lifetime. I have been blessed.”

Jenienne and John Kriegelstein ’77 are working and living in Anchorage, Alaska, where Jenienne is a teacher for Anchorage Junior Academy, and John is the superintendent of education for the Alaska Conference. They have three children, Kellsie att., Jeffrey att., and Jason curr. att.

Floyd Mohr ’77 and his wife, Shari, reside in Benton City, Wash. Floyd enjoys networking for the Evangelical Adventist Theology and guest speaking in small Upper Columbia Conference churches in Washington. Floyd and Shari have one son, Floyd Mohr III. Floyd also enjoys spending time with his three grandchildren. Upon graduating, Shari and Floyd committed themselves to establishing and maintaining the new church in Irrigon, Ore., which they still show their support for.

Ed Yanke ’77 and his wife, Lynn (Barter) ’78, are living in Gresham, Ore. He is a physician for Gresham Women’s Healthcare. They both enjoy traveling, and Ed likes to golf and play most sports. Ed and Lynn have two children, Roderick att., and Royce.


Michelle Borg ’82 and Randall Borg ’82 are living in Chico, Calif. She runs a solo dental practice and he is an anesthesiologist. They enjoy raising their two wonderful boys, Trevor and Jonathan. Michelle enjoys traveling, skiing, boating, hiking, and reading. At WWU she remembers Friday night vespers and the overall atmosphere.

David Olson ’82 and his wife, Laura, reside in Moses Lake, Wash. David is currently working as an associate administrator for Wenatchee Valley Medical Center. His hobbies include bonsai, golfing, and camping. Currently he is serving as president of the Washington Rural Health Association. David and Laura have two children, Victoria and Alyssa. David recalls a time when Gary Tetz, Wayne Dunbar, and he put an inflatable pool on top of John Haluschak while he was sleeping, —and then filled it with water.

Linda King ’82 and her husband, Leif, live in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Currently, Linda teaches middle school English at Fraser Valley Adventist Academy. She has spent over 20 years teaching in Canada, Washington, and California. Linda and Leif have two children, Serena and Courtney.

Robert Koch ’82 and his wife, Katherine, are living in Holyrood, Kan. He is working as the General Manager for H&B Communications, Inc. They have three children, Marlena Jahn, Brandon, and Allison.

Cheryl (Lee) Nelson ’82 and her husband, Todd att., live in Sandy, Ore. They have two children; Montana curr. att., and Sierra. She was able to be a stay-at-home mom, while her husband was willing to work extra jobs. She says, “I’m a jack of many trades.” She has been a P.E. teacher, PT aide, CNA, roofer, adult home caregiver, secretary and assistant to an interior designer.

Paul Novak ’82 and his wife, Kari (Kravig) ’83, are living in Yakima, Wash. Paul is a nurse anesthetist for the Physician Anesthesia Association. They raise blueberries and apples to relax from working. They have one daughter, Melinda. Of his WWU days, Paul remembers working at the college farm.

Janella (Goad) Spears ’82 and her husband, Thomas, are living in Foster, Ore. She is a nurse for Oregon State Hospital. Her hobbies include stamp collecting and writing fiction stories based on J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis works. She is a sign language interpreter, reverend at church, and also a girl scout leader. Janella is a certified psych-mental health care nurse and has been a certified rehabilitation counselor since 2002. She says, “A life-changing experience is being healed from M.S. and graduating from college.” Janella and Thomas have one daughter, Mae.

Sandy (Hendrickson) Baldwin ’87 and her husband, Theodore, are living in Farmington, N.M. She is currently the school secretary at Pinon Hills Christian School. She enjoys canning apples, pears, and making applesauce. Her hobbies include snow shoeing, camping in the Colorado Rockies, and making chocolate chip cookies. Sandy and Theodore have two children, Heather and Hayden. At WWU she remembers Dr. Dickinson’s speech classes and the London speech tour in 1985.

Lisa Bjelland ’87, ’89 is living in Hood River, Ore. She is currently a private prac-tice therapist. Lisa is enjoying life with her two daughters, Madison and Josephine. She is finishing her doctorate program in psychology and will continue with her practice in the Columbia Gorge area.

Chuck Burkeen ’87 and his wife, Joyce, are living in Estacada, Ore. Currently he is the associate ministerial director for the Oregon Conference. Upon graduating in ’87 he has been a pastor in the Oregon Conference. His hobbies include writing, backpacking, photography, playing the guitar, and spending time with his grandchildren. He says, “Grandchildren give me plenty of life-changing experiences.” He also notes that there were too many great WWU memories, but he says one stands out: “Watching Bobby McGee walk to class in zero-degree weather, with a foot of snow on the ground, wearing only swim trunks and big, pink fluffy slippers.” Chuck and Joyce have two children, Marisa and Derek.

Mark Carr ’87 and his wife, Colette, are living in Yucaipa, Calif. He is the associate professor of Christian Ethics at Loma Linda University. Mark is a commercial fisherman in Alaska in the summers. He got married in 2003. The couple have two children, Tyler curr. att., and Melissa. He remembers going to South Fork on the Sabbath. He says living in the Hallmark Apartments had an advantage because he was able to stop at the bakery and get an apple fritter on the way to class.

Lisa (Ladd) Comeau ’87 and her husband, Kenneth, are living in Williston, Vt. Lisa is a medical transcriptionist. Her family has been living in Vermont for the past six years—a long way from the West Coast, which she still calls home. Lisa and Kenneth have a son, Jonathan, who is a sophomore in academy and a daughter, Jenna, who is in the seventh grade. She says, “Our family enjoys camping and kayaking together during spring, summer and fall. We also enjoy winter sports such as downhill and cross-country skiing.” In her spare time, Lisa enjoys scrapbooking and tole painting.

Steven Gilmore ’87 and his wife, Merrilou, are living in Enterprise, Ore. He is a minister for the Idaho Conference. They try to get together with their large family a couple times a year. Their 13 grandchildren come as they are able to spend short periods of time with them. The ministry keeps them busy, but each day is a wonderful blessing from God. Steven says, “The best day of our lives.” Seeing lives changed and hearts given to God is their greatest joy. His favorite memory from WWU is the Friday night vespers with the other married couples and their families.

Rick Hintz ’87 and his wife, Tammy (Epperson) att., are living in El Cajon, Calif. Currently he is an engineer in the U.S. Navy. He has enjoyed mission trips to India and also loves car racing. His favorite WWU memory is playing games all night in the dorm.

Donald Moore ’87 and his wife, Frances, make their home in Portland, Ore. With the sale of his airport shuttle service, he has the time to take care of their newest daughter, Rio. Donald and Frances have three other children, Daniel, Donald Jr., and Rachel. When he finds the time he likes to read, play music, and buy and sell items on eBay. Looking back at his college experience, he is reminded of the times when theology students would preach at different churches on Sabbath. He remembers digging his car out of the snow alongside the road so that he wouldn’t be late to preach.

Gregg Roberts ’87 and his wife, Gail (Petersen) ’86, are living in Battleground, Wash. Gregg is a firefighter for the city of Vancouver, Wash. Gregg and Gail have three children, Laden, Olivia, and Cade.

Tim Swensen ’87 resides in Santa Clara, Calif., where he is a staff design engineer for Lattice Semiconductor Corporation. He has a love for the trumpet, which he plays frequently at his church. He also performs at weddings and is the principal trumpet in the local Community College wind ensemble. He also enjoys photography and travel. His favorite college memories are playing in the band and brass ensemble and Sabbath afternoons at South Fork.


Chad Carlton ’96
and his wife, Sherilyn (Harms) ’96, are living in San Antonio, Texas. Chad is a pastor for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Sherilyn is a self-employed leadership coach. She enjoys reading, cycling, and learning Spanish. Chad was able to climb Mt. Rainier in 1999. They have two children, Madelyn and Levi.

Melea (Spencer) Brown ’97 and her husband, Brad, are living in Eatonville, Wash. She graduated with a Master’s in Statistics from Colorado State University in 2002. Currently she is a stay-at-home mom with her two children, Jaron and Alina.

Erwin Driessen ’97 and his wife, Alina (Reyes) att., reside in Whitefish, Mont. Erwin is working as a software engineer. They have two little girls, Emariah and Dania.

Dwayne Evans ’97 and his wife, Marci (Boyl) ’97, are living in Milton-Freewater, Ore. Right after graduation, he became a high school teacher in Milton-Freewater for five years and then went to work at the Walla Walla Penitentiary where he is a correctional counselor. The couple have three children, Levi, Annalee, and Sara. His favorite memories come from the summer his family spent at the Rosario Beach Marine Biology Station. He writes, “Biology majors are the luckiest group of students because of this ‘requirement.’ The science department ‘forces’ you to go to this pristine place to study, play volleyball, scuba dive, hike, and watch the orcas swim by, and go on boat trips around the San Juan Island,” he says. “Sounds like a vacation to me.”

Joseph Galusha ’97 and his wife, Carla (Constantinescu) att., are living in Lynnwood, Wash, where he works as a structural engineer. In his spare time Joseph enjoys hiking, camping, mountain biking, football, baseball, and basketball. The couple has one child, Jayden.

Oreana (Bochenek) Harless ’97 and her husband, Clayton, are living in Boise, Idaho. She is a lecturer in the psychology department at Boise State University. In November of 2001 she went to New York City for crisis counseling for the 9/11 victims. Looking back at WWU, she remembers the weekly drive from Boise to College Place, starting at 4 a.m. on Mondays!

Thomas Jacques ’97 and his wife, Elaine (West) ’96, are living in Redlands, Calif. He is the assistant project manager for PSOMAS. Thomas’ favorite memory from WWU is, “The hush of falling snow at two in the morning when the whole campus was asleep, and the walkway lights glimmering through the snowflakes.”

Greg Kettner ’97 is living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is director of sales of Pro Sports for Vancouver Canucks at Whitecaps FC. He enjoys stand-up comedy and world travel. During his time at WWU, he loved Wolfpack hockey, camping, trips to Portland and Seattle, Julie Scott’s marketing classes, and dorm life.

Kelly (Brady) Martin ’97
and her husband, Ryan are living in Vancouver, Wash., where she works as a nurse at Legacy Health Systems. Before working at Legacy Hospital she worked as a trauma nurse for five years. She has been on several medical mission trips to Mexico. Her memories of Walla Walla come from the Ice Burg, where she loved diet coke with lemon and vanilla.

Jana (Combs) Massey ’97 and her husband, Michael are living in Fort Worth, Texas. She is a medical social worker for Baylor All Saints Medical Center. They have one daughter, Laurel.

Amy (Johnston-Trevino) Rieck ’97 and her husband, Michael, are living in Kennewick, Wash. She has been in a private practice for five years and loves it. Amy works part time and is at home with her kids the rest of the week. She says, “I practice yoga daily and walk most days, and life is full of blessings.” They have three children, Felix, Faith, and Michael.

Todd Schoepflin ’97 and his wife, Casey, are living in Shoreline, Wash. Todd is a lead designer engineer for BioSonics, Inc. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2003 and began R&D work for BioSonics. Todd and Casey were both active in campus ministry at the University of Washington from 1999 till 2004. Now they lead an evangelistic family group in Shoreline. They have one child, Jade. They are also certified for foster parenting and plan to adopt children this way.

Karen Shaw ’97 and her husband Donald ’98 are living in Tampa, Fla. She is currently a speech language pathologist in Florida, where they built their first home. They have enjoyed traveling to many places. While attending WWU she remembers the summer programs with water skiing, strawberry eating, and singing songs. She also said that students used cafeteria trays to slide down hills in the winter.

Lisa Ann Stiles ’97 and her husband, Peter att., are living in Bend, Ore. She is a self employed interior designer, doing interior design work on high-end custom homes in Bend. She’s also a stay-at-home mom with their two children, Hannah and Alexander. In the winter she loves snow skiing, and snowmobiling. In the summer she spends most days on the lake wakeboarding or surfing. She says, “We are very active and live in the perfect area for the outdoors.” Lisa has many fond memories of WWU. She met her husband in rock climbing class, she loved spaghetti night at Merchants, and getting Ice-Burg before film literature class.

Melodye “Berry” (Kauppila) Trusty ’97 and her husband are living in Powell, Wy., where Melodye is a social worker for West Park Long Term Care Center. She enjoys quilting, counted cross stitch, embroidering, and reading. Annually she participates in the “Relay for Life,” and the “Ronald McDonald Benefit.” One of things she enjoys is being a member of the Red Hat Society. She has five children, Glenn Jr., Diana, Richard, Russell, and Nancy. She has recently become a great-grandmother.

Jason Caton ’96 and his wife, Cami, live in Canton, Mich. Jason is currently working as an engineer for General Motors. After graduating from WWU, he earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from George Washington University and his master’s in business administration from the University of Michigan. One of his favorite memories from WWU is the annual Engineering Egg Drop Contest. Jason and Cami have two children, Zachary and Rachael.

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