In Memory

Edward Johnston was a man of many professions.  He will be remembered for his many roles as dean, dentist, astronomer, professor, and church leader. As a WWU professor, Edward’s interest in astronomy led him to start the development of an observatory. He even purchased a costume so he could impersonate Christopher Columbus. Edward was born Dec. 6, 1934, and died Jan. 10, 2007, in Minneapolis, Minn. He is survived by his wife, Pat ’58, of Lakeville, Minn.; son Martin ’87 of Saint Paul, Minn.; and daughter Linda ’86 of Lakeville.

Atkins—Leonard ’70 was born in 1947 in Portland, Ore., and died June 24, 2007, in Spokane, Wash. Surviving: wife Ann (Wilson) ’70 of Newport, Wash.; sons Shane ’99 of Renton, Wash.; daughter Tonya (Atkins) Awuor att., of Erie, Pa.; brother Lester ’77 of La Center, Wash.; and sister Lorraine (Atkins) Gray ’76 of La Grande, Ore.

Battee—Robert att., was born June 16, 1930, in Greenwood, Calif., and died Sept. 27, 2007, in Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico. Surviving: wife Eva Battee of Sonoyta; son Ryan Battee of Boise, Idaho; daughters Marjorie Pitzer of Apache Junction, Ariz., Donna Kohfeld of McMinnville, Ore., Sharon Peterson of Garvis, Ore.; father Julian Battee of Angwin, Calif.; mother Beulah Battee of Angwin, Calif.; brother George Garrido of Rogue River, Ore.; sisters Joanne (Battee) Eberhardt att., and Jeanne Mannes of Rocky Island, Tenn.

Boskind—Christopher ’64 was born May 4, 1942, in Malabar, Fla., and died June 1, 2007, in Ridgefield, Wash. Surviving: wife Connie ’63 of Vancouver, Wash.; son Jeffery of Gresham, Ore.; daughter Dawne ’99 of Battle Ground, Wash.; brothers Richard ’61 of Melbourne, Fla., and Andrew of Hendersonville, Tenn.

Bliss—Clayton att., was born July 19, 1941, in McMinnville, Ore., and died Sept. 24, 2007, in Chewelah, Wash. Surviving: son Clinton of Seattle, Wash.; daughters Jacqueline Vaugn of Craig, Alaska, Charis Armstrong of Nuevo, Calif., Audrey Zamora of Running Springs, Calif., Monika Bliss of Collegedale, Tenn.; father Bern att., of Milton-Freewater, Ore.; mother Dorothy (Garlock) Bliss att., of Milton-Freewater; brother Charles ’76 of Spencerville, Md.; sisters Beverly Elloway att., of Chehalis, Wash., Barbara Lodahl att., of Bend, Ore., and Elizabeth Gottschall att., of Chewelah, Wash.

Christensen—Barbara (DeFord) ’68 was born June 13, 1924, in Spokane, Wash., and died August 27, 2007, in College Place.  Surviving: husband John ’68 of College Place; son Stanley ’77 of Walla Walla; daughters Shirley Heisey ’70 of Milton-Freewater, Ore., and Cheri Armstrong ’73 of Athena, Ore.

Coon—Duane att., was born Aug. 29, 1926, in Port Townsend, Wash., and died July 4, 2007, in Petersburg, Alaska. Surviving: wife Sharla of Petersburg; son Brenton of Petersburg; and brother Jay of Yakima, Wash.  

Cushman—Vivian (Nelson) ’31 was born Dec. 5, 1907, in Seattle, Wash., and died Jan. 14, 2008, in Lincoln, Neb. Surviving: sons William Smith of Goodlettsville, Tenn., Arthur Cushman of Old Hickory, Tenn.; daughters Mitzi Wiggle of Bennet, Neb., and Sylvia Finch of Riverside, Calif.

Dawes— Lou Ella ’55 was born Feb. 22, 1931, in Harvey N.D., and died Aug. 13, 2007, in Corvallis, Ore. Surviving: John Dawes ’62 of Lebanon, Ore.; sons Gary of Beaverton, Ore., Larry of Aumsville, Ore., Barry of Radcliffe, Ky.; daughter Terri ’83, and ’88 of Grandview, Wash.; brother LaVerne att., of Milton-Freewater, Ore., Raymond att., of Huntsville, Texas, Floyd att., of Redlands, Calif.; and sister Donna Lefore of Milton-Freewater, Ore.

DeRuwe—Amy att., was born Nov. 1, 1919, in Cleveland, Ohio, and died Oct. 7, 2007, in Spokane, Wash. Surviving: husband Jack of Spokane; son Karl of Othello, Wash.; daughters Julie of Olympia, Wash., Carmen Yunker of Longmont, Colo.; and sister Marjorie Morelli of Albuquerque, N.M.

Elliot—Ruth Alice (Wyman) att., was born Nov. 16, 1915, in Rangoon, Burma and died Sept. 3, 2007, in Pacific Palisades, Calif. Surviving: son Phil Elliott of Carson City, Nev.; daughters Shari Perman of Apache Junction, Ariz., Corky Harvery ’68 of Pacific Palisades, Eileen Laycock att., of Lynwood, Wash.; brother Lloyd Wyman ’50 of Newbury Park, Calif.; and sister Carol Nelson ’54 of Auburn, Wash.

Emmerson—Lila (Goode) ’35 was born August 25, 1915, in Rogersville, Ala., and died Sept. 7, 2007, in Walla Walla. Surviving: sons David att., of Tucson, Ariz. James att., of Neskowin, Ore., Thomas ’72 of College Place; daughter Sharon Emmerson att., of Portland, Ore., sisters Hazel Cole of College Place, and Thetis Gair of College Place.

Evans—Jeffrey att., was born Feb. 27, 1959, in Walla Walla and died Dec. 14, 2006, in Wasilla, Alaska. Surviving: father William ’59 of Anchorage, Alaska; mother Barbara att., of Anchorage; brother David att., of Long Island City, N.Y.; and sisters Cindy Sherman of Palmer, Alaska, and Linda Carleton of Anchorage.

Fischer—Ben ’51 was born Nov. 12, 1922, in Burley County, N.D. and died May 4, 2006 in Battle Ground, Wash.  Surviving: wife Roberta (Davis) ’47 of Battle Ground; sons Curt att., of Battle Ground, David ’79 of Portland, Ore; daughter Jacqueline of Fall Creek, Ore.; and sister Esther Muth of Pacheco, Calif.

Ford—Gloria att., was born Sept. 14, 1924, in Everett, Wash., and died March 9, 2007, in Olympia, Wash. Surviving: sons Greg Bichsel of Billings, Mont., and Gary Bichsel of Edgar, Mont.

Freund—Melvin att., was born June 10, 1927, in North Dakota, and died Mar. 11, 2007, in Napa, Calif. Surviving: wife Esther Knittel-Freund of Yountville, Calif.; son Wayne of Stockton, Calif.; and sister Marlene Freund att., of Walla Walla.

Griffin—Lyle ’48 was born August 31, 1918, in Salem, Ore., and died Mar. 5, 2007, in Salem. Surviving: wife F. Doris att., of Salem; son Ronald att., of Salem, daughters Donna att., of Arlington, Ore., and Linda Klein att., of Arlington; and sister Betty Blandini ’62 of Red Bluff, Calif.

Grogan—Dale att., was born May 22, 1918, in Milton-Freewater, Ore., and died Sept. 16, 2007, in Milton-Freewater. Surviving: sons John of Milton-Freewater, Mike of Milton-Freewater, Larry of Fairview, Ore.; daughters Margret Hershfeldt of Salem, Ore., Cheryl Boucher of Nehalem, Ore., and Sharon Wong of Nehalem.

Hanson—Eleanor ’72 was born Jan. 29, 1920, in Nekamah, Neb., and died Dec. 15, 2007, in Hermiston, Ore. Surviving: sons Louis of Hermiston, and Larry att., of Echo, Ore.; brothers Earl Prusia ’42 of College Place, Merle Prusia att., of Monroe, Wash., and sister Elaine Smith att., of Los Angeles, Calif.

Hanson—Otto ’44, ’60 was born Dec. 8, 1910, in Monitor, Ore., and died August, 31, 2007, in Calistoga, Calif. Surviving: wife Geneva ’60 of Calistoga; son Steve of Rogue River, Ore.; and daughter JuDee of Calistoga.

Hesser—Ernest ’53 was born Aug. 19, 1922, in Lowden, Wash., and died Oct. 10, 2007, in Walla Walla.  Surviving: wife Carolyn att., of Dixie, Wash.; son John att., of Anchorage, Alaska; daughters Elizabeth James of Dixie, and Jill Gardiner of Las Vegas, Nev.; father Karl of Wasilla, Ark.; and sister Louise Bradley of San Francisco, Calif.

Hixson—Lyla (Dewey) ’47 was born March 18, 1920, in White Fish, Mont., and died May 17, 2007, in San Clemente, Calif. Surviving: son Keith Hixson ’75 of Bellingham, Wash.; daughter JoAnn Davidson of Wrightwood, Calif.; brothers Jim of Oregon, Burton of Port Angeles, Wash., and Ivan of Sequim, Wash.

Hixson--Orah Mae (Lorenz) ‘47 was born March 1, 1920, in College View, Neb., and died May 2, 2007, in Walla Walla. Surviving: husband Gerald Hixson att., of Walla Walla; sons Glynne att. of Milton Freewater, Ore., and Rollin ‘76 of Bozeman, Mont.; and daughter Jeanie ‘72 of Walla Walla.

Johnson—Verta (Rogers) ’43 was born in Genesee, Idaho, and died Oct. 28, 2007, in Las Vegas, Nev. Surviving: son Duane Johnson ’65 of Hermiston, Ore.; daughters Yvonne Long of Clarkston, Wash., Marlene Curry att., of Las Vegas, Nev.; brother Ortis Rogers ’45 of Milton-Freewater, Ore.; and sister Violet Carman of Prosser, Wash.

Loomer—Edna (Pierson) att., was born Oct. 9, 1934, in Niobrabra, Wyo., and died Aug. 1, 2007, in College Place. Surviving: husband Donald ’63, of College Place; sons Rodney of College Place, Todd ’86 of Wenatchee, Wash.; brothers Eugene Pierson of Buffalo, Wyo., and Donald of Riverton, Wyo.; sisters Eunice Horn of San Diego, Calif., Donnabell Peckham of Nebraska, Ruby Scheller of Greeley, Colo., and Maisy Helms of Riverside, Calif.

May—Eleanor (Hansen) att., was born June 4, 1919, in Seattle, Wash., and died July 20, 2007, in Seattle. Surviving: son LeVern att., of Port Orchard, Wash; brother Roy Hansen of Bremerton, Wash; sisters Margo Humphrey of Bellevue, Wash., and Millie Groce of Lake Forest Park, Wash.

McCartney—John ’48 was born Nov. 30, 1910, in East Wymess, Fife, Scotland, and died Aug. 15, 2007, in Portland, Ore. Survivng: wife Hazel of Gresham, Ore.; son Vern McCartney of Woodland, Wash.; daughters Maylene Russell att., of Portland, Ore., Heather Leno att., of Clackamas, Ore., Nancy Teale ’65, ’69 of Washougal, Wash.; and sisters Ellen McCartney ’45 of Gresham, Ann Saunders of Aldergrove, B.C.

Merklin—Modeena ’82 was born April 4, 1924, in Oklahoma City, Okla., and died July 8, 2007, in Walla Walla. Surviving: husband Lester att., of Walla Walla; sons Lester Jr. ’72, of Berrien Springs, Mich., and Marshall ’73 of Puyallup, Wash.
Merritt—Helen Carr att., was born Oct. 4, 1937, in Hermiston, Ore. and died Dec. 7, 2007, in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Surviving: husband Robert of Lake Havasu City, daughters Lorie Lowe att., of Dayton, Wash., Ronda Fontes of Plains, Mont.; and mother Agness Beamer of Damascus, Ore.

Oellrich— John Gilbert “Gil” att., was born Jan. 24, 1920, in Oelriches, S.D., and died Dec. 6, 2007, in Walla Walla. Surviving: wife Lois ’72, of College Place; son Donald ’66, of Lake Taps, Wash.; daughters Lorraine Fargo ’72, of Pasco, Wash., Karen Claridge att., of Englewood, Colo.; brother George of Buena Park, Calif.; and sister Doris Davenport of El Cajon, Calif.

O’Connor—Kirt att., was born Jan. 21, 1983, in Loma Linda, Calif., and died June 1, 2007, in Richland, Wash. Surviving: wife Kellie att., of College Place; father Kerry of Chehalis, Wash., mother Kathryn of Chehalis; brother Kyle curr. att., of College Place; and sister Kelly Preston att., of Chehalis.

Odell—Mythol Jane (Reiber) att., was born June 5, 1921, in College Place and died Feb. 21, 2007, in Fontana, Calif.  Surviving: husband Donald ’50 of Rialto, Calif.; sons Dennis of Encinitas, Calif., and Laurence of Rialto; daughter Karen of Yucaipa, Calif.; and brother Clifford ’48 of Loma Linda, Calif.

Osborne—John ’61 was born March 23, 1910, in Lander, Wyo., and died Sept. 22, 2006, in Wenatchee, Wash. Surviving: wife Martha Osborne of Wenatchee,; son James of Klamath Falls, Ore., daughters Viki Downey of East Wenatchee, Wash., and Crystal Tschritter of Sedro Woolley, Wash.

Otter—Gordon att., was born Oct. 22, 1917, in Howard, S.D., and died Feb. 10, 2008, in College Place. Surviving: daughter Carol Dawes att., of College Place.

Schaak—Ernest ’52 was born June 27, 1924, in Hardin, Mont., and died April 13, 2007, in Spokane, Wash. Surviving: wife Bernice (Lecklider) ’49 of Walla Walla; daughter Renee Robinson att., of San Rafael, Calif.; brother Hugh Schaak of Visalia, Calif.; and sisters Minnie Wageman of Usk, Wash., Hilda Harper att., of Livingston, Mont., and Arlien Lanquien of Boise, Idaho.

Schaber—Virginia ’49 was born March 12, 1920, in Portland, Ore., and died Jan. 20, 2008, in Poulsbo, Wash. Surviving: sons Donald of Poulsbo, Neil of Hollywood, Calif., and daughter Donna Ayers of Portland.

Smith—Lenora Juanita ’60 was born Jan. 13, 1920, in Wapato, Wash., and died May 28, 2007, in Walla Walla. Surviving: sister Ella Mae Cook of Walla Walla.

Smith—Oris att., was born Nov. 19, 1919, in Madison, S.D., and died May 10, 2007, in Sunnyside, Wash.  Surviving: wife Kathryne of Sunnyside; son Gregory Smith att., of Sunnyside; brother Dale of Weston, Ore.; and sister Emogene Hill of Pendleton, Ore.

Standley—Leta Maude (Gibson) att., was born Sept. 27, 1931, in Fayetteville, Ark., and died Mar. 21, 2007, in La Mesa, Calif. Surviving: husband George att., of Gresham, Ore.; son Wallace of Damascus, Ore.; daughters Berneta Workman of Rathdrum, Idaho, and Darla Liehr of Camas, Wash.; brothers Donald ’90 of Corrales, N.M., Therman att., of Kalama, Wash.; Winston att., of Ione, Ore.; and sisters Dee Parker of Portland, Ore., and Orvella Ernst of Nice, Calif.

Teske—Steven A. att., was born Sept. 2, 1947, in Baker City, Ore., and died Sept. 18, 2007 in Walla Walla.  Surviving: wife Patricia of Walla Walla; son Steve of Frederick, M.D.; daughter Dolly Spangler of Grand Junction, Colo.; father Reuben of Rice, Wash.; brothers David of Port Townsend, Wash., and Terry of Walla Walla.

Watts—Harry ’92 and ’97 was born May 31, 1930, in Eureka, Calif., and died Aug. 11, 2007, in Vancouver, Wash. Surviving: Margery Watts ’52 of Milton-Freewater, Ore.; daughters Andrea Bermoy of College Place, Laura Robert of Whidbey Island, Wash.; brothers Tom of Long Beach, Calif., Dick of Bend, Ore., Dave of Denver, Colo., and Jim of Gulf Shores, Alaska; and sister Barbara Stadler of Pensecola, Fla.

Worth—Sidney att., was born Feb. 22, 1917, in Ohio and died Oct. 31, 2006, in Placerville, Calif. Surviving: sons Zebulon ’86, Nathanael of Placerville, Calif., and Thaddeus of Fallon, Nev.; daughters Zipporah of La Quinta, Calif., Deborah Taylor of Brentwood, Calif., and Junia Ferretto of Sun Valley, Nev.

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