A Native Voice
Jerry Hartman, instructor in communications, recently traveled to Suriname, formerly known as Dutch Guyana, located on the northeast coast of South America. In this country of nearly half a million people, Hartman was giving one of the native tribes a voice. Hartman took a small team of assistants to film a documentary about the natives of Suriname. The documentary is focusing on their need for basic human rights: clean water, education, and health care. To view Hartman’s work in Suriname, visit youtube.com/watch?v=cVHebkw3w9c&fmt=18.

ConFab … ulous!
Ever heard of a ConFab? Neither had we until last school year. The 2007-08 student association officers wanted more student input on matters that directly affect them. So they began holding ConFabs, defined by the dictionary as, “A slang term for an assembly of people having a casual conversation.” Issues discussed last year included new cafeteria meal plans, requirements for weekly worship, and “Express Yourself,” a public opportunity for students to share their concerns about society today. Though these venues for students’ thoughts are not a new concept, this is the first year these forums were given a name. It was a productive way of finding out how the students felt about changes going on around them.

East to West

Representatives from Kiang Wu College of Nursing in Macau, China, recently visited the School of Nursing’s Portland campus to explore the possibilities of short-term faculty and student exchange between schools. They observed labs, supportive environments for learning, and improved their communication skills. They weren’t the only ones learning however; Lucy Krull, dean of the School of Nursing at the Portland campus, learned a lot about what nursing is like in China as well.
Soccer Champs

Last fall, Walla Walla University’s men’s soccer team traveled to Michigan to participate in the United States Collegiate Athletics Association tournament. Though the tournament’s original schedule included a Saturday, the association rescheduled the entire tournament in order to accommodate the three Sabbath-keeping institutions at the event. The team came home with a third place trophy.

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