Donald I. Peterson ’45 and his wife, Elsie (Litvin) att., live in Loma Linda, Calif. Donald has been practicing neurology and teaching students for 33 years at Loma Linda University. Recently, he received the 2007 Distinguished Service Award and has written a book entitled “Relief from Headache.”

Jacqueline “Jackie” (Esteb) Ladd ’57 and her husband, Kenneth ’60, are enjoying retirement in Vermont. Jackie and Kenneth have worked in seven different conferences and in various academies across the country. Currently, they volunteer at Central Vermont Academy and enjoy snow-shoeing in their spare time. Jackie and Kenneth have two children, Lisa ’87, and Michael ’87.
Luanna (Jorgenson) Handley ’58 and her husband, Charles Howard ’59, are enjoying retirement in Woodburn, Ore. Luanna enjoys making floral arrangements for an altar at her church. Next year will be Charles’ and Luanna’s 50th wedding anniversary. Luanna has two children: Dan ’62 and Jeanenne Schmid ’65. Some of Luanna’s favorite WWU memories are vespers, Friday candlelight dinners, and working in the cafeteria with her friends.
Ruth (Emery) Stafford ’58 and her husband, Charles att., are retired and living in Ellensburg, Wash. They traveled and taught in Africa for 12 years, and five years in Pakistan. Ruth’s WWU memories include the anatomy “cat” lab (which was interesting but always left an unpleasant smell on her hands), the day she saw President Eisenhower in Walla Walla, and evening worships with Rose Budd. Charles and Ruth have four children, Lori, Merlin ’86, Laren ’85, and Marilee.
Albert Russell ’58, and his wife, Sally, are enjoying retirement in Lebanon, Ore. Albert is a retired cabinet maker. Albert and Sally have three grown children, Shirley, Fae Haffner ’87, and Dan ’85. One of Albert’s favorite memories about WWU is the faculty members that impacted his life.
Lynn (Trowbridge) Finch ’58 and her husband, Douglas, reside in Oregon City, Ore. Lynn earned her master’s degree in critical care nursing and administration. While in college, Lynn remembers having fun by the fish pond in front of the girls’ dorm. Douglas and Lynn have four children, Sandra Gates ’84, Steven, Russell att., and Raymond att.
Harold Harvey ’58 is retired in Hermiston, Ore. Harold enjoys stamp collecting and traveling. He recently planned a 10-day tour to the Holy Lands and a five-day stop in Egypt. Harold has three children, Melody Ayers att., Theresa ’88, and Carmen.
Wilfred “Dale” Peterson ’58 and his wife, Shirley (Lalumondier) ’70, reside in College Place. Dale enjoys traveling, coin collecting, reading, gardening, and playing the piano. One of his favorite college memories was the day he met his wife. Shirley and Dale have two grown children, Loren ’86 and Loralee Paulson.
George Crumley ’58 and his wife, Ruth, live in Surprise, Ariz. George served the Adventist church for over 40 years. While at college, he remembers learning how to study in the classes of his very good teachers. George and Ruth have two children, Tari Popp and George.
Katty (Fenton) French ’58 and her husband, George, live in Riverside, Calif. Katty enjoys teaching as an associate professor at Loma Linda University’s School of Nursing. She has fond memories of P.E. classes and the parade music in the old Columbia Auditorium.
David Igler ’58 and his wife, Jane ’58, are currently enjoying retirement in Loma Linda, Calif. David worked as the vice president of Glendale Adventist Medical Center for 19 years. He has worked a total of 25 years in Adventist education and 24 years in Adventist healthcare. Jane is a retired Pacific Union College English professor. David and Linda have one child, Peter.
Don Kindig ’58 and his wife, Janece (Harbison) att., are retired and living in Pasco, Wash. Don has spent 42 years serving the Adventist church. His hobbies include camping, computers, yard and building maintenance.
Marilyn (Bramlett) Bixel ’58 and her husband, Noel ’60, live in Turlock, Calif. Since retiring from nursing, Marilyn spends her time with her grandchildren and husband. Marilyn and Noel have three children, Kevin, Gregg, and Sandra.
Albert “Bill” Oakes ’58 and his wife, Gloria (Cox) ’58, are currently enjoying retirement in Anchorage, Alaska. Bill worked as a civil engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers based in Seattle. He also worked as a technical writer for the Alaska District Corps of Engineers. While in college, Gloria remembers summer chemistry classes, chats with Professor Alcock, and meeting her future husband. Bill and Gloria have three children, Susan ’82, Elizabeth att., and Stephen att.
Franz Siemsen ’58 and his wife, Doris, live in Sandpoint, Idaho. Franz worked as a doctor in the medical profession for 50 years. Franz and Doris have two children, Debbie Letniak and Patti Schultz.
Randall Dupee ’58 lives in Lake Sherwood, Calif. He is a semi-retired pediatrician. He enjoys writing and living near a small lake. From his time at WWU, Randall remembers philosophical marathons at Sittner Hall.
Nellie (Soule) Davis ’58 is currently living in Milton-Freewater, Ore. She enjoys sponsoring two little girls through International Children’s Care and likes to volunteer at Stateline Seventh-day Adventist Church. Nellie has four children, James att., Michelle Dale att., Timothy Metter, and Deborah Berglund.
Gene Schroeder ’58 and his wife, Miriam (Kahler) att., live in Sequim, Wash. Gene remembers with fondness Columbia Auditorium. Gene and Miriam have three children, Ted, Theresa, and Tamara (Rowe) att.
Rita Hopper ’58 lives in Alisa Viejo, Calif. In her spare time she enjoys taking art classes, and playing the organ and piano. Some of her favorite WWU memories include Sabbath afternoons, Friday evenings, and sing-a-longs.
Ruby (Bader) Hain ’58 and her husband, Dieter, are enjoying retirement in Walla Walla. Ruby is a retired registered nurse and enjoys being a homemaker. One of her favorite WWU memories is attending her Philosophy of Religion class, right after having to work all night at the local hospital. Ruby and Dieter have two children, Mark and Tim.
Melvin Northrup ’58, ’66 and his wife, Norma (Short) ’53, live in Lincoln, Neb. Melvin’s hobbies include amateur radio, exploring family history and traveling.
Zachary Boyd ’58 and his wife, Joyce, live in Dunlap, Tenn. Zachary enjoys playing bluegrass on his fiddle and woodworking. One-life changing experience for Zachary was when he recognized salvation is a gift and that he is saved by grace. From his WWU years, Zachary remembers two of his English professors— “Prof” Applington and “Prof” Woller. Zachary and Joyce have two children, Zachary and William.
Warrine (McDuffie) Harden ’58 and her husband, Hal ’59, are enjoying retirement in East Wenatchee, Wash. Warrine retired from acute care nursing. Warrine has taught in West Africa while her husband worked as the medical director at the local hospital. Two life-changing experiences have occurred in Warrine’s life, the first being the death of her son and the second being a battle with breast cancer. Warrine has four children, Stephen ’83, Sharon, Bryan att., and Scott, now deceased.
Patricia (Pearson) Johnston ’58 lives in Lakeville, Minn. Some of her professional highlights include being chair of the Department of Nutrition and associate dean for academic affairs. She has served as the senior editor for Vibrant Life, and has been nominated for Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers many times. Some of her favorite WWU memories include playing tennis, Kooskooskie parties, meeting her husband, and the love of Mrs. Sharman for “her girls.”
Ida Warner ’58 and her husband, David ’68, are currently living in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Ida works as a foster mom for Alberta Social Services and is planning to retire soon. While at WWU, Ida remembers dorm life, Sunshine Bands, and meeting new friends. Ida and David have four children, Debbie Bell, Diane Reiman ’81, Dennis, and David ’88.
Leroy Kuhn ’58 and his wife, Evelyn (Boepple) ’58, live in Kelowna, B.C. Some of Leroy’s professional highlights include working as principal, business manager, educational director and college teacher in Ethiopia. He was also the president at Kingsway College in Ontario for six years. Evelyn has fond memories of nurses’ training at Portland Adventist Hospital. Evelyn and Leroy have two children, Laura Morrison and Linda Learned.
Ronald White ’58 and his wife, Kay, make their home in Paradise, Calif. Ron works as a dentist. While at WWU, Ronald remembers life in Sittner Hall, singing in the choir, and sliding down the “Hello Walk” with his brother. Ron has one child Richard, who is deceased.
Amaryllis (Gramms) Brown ’58 and her husband, Herman, live in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Amaryllis retired from nursing and now enjoys being with her grandchildren. She enjoys playing in the Red Deer community band and gardening. Amaryllis and Herman have two children, Bonita Grimbel ’86 and Carola Hanasyk.
Yvonne (Badgley) McDaniel ’58 and her husband, Dick ’62, make their home in Lincoln, Calif. They have two children, Caroly Heisler ’89 and Cynthia Kongorski ’91.
Charles “Chuck” Winn ’58 and his wife, Dee, are currently living in Roseville, Calif. Chuck worked at the Department of Interior in Ephrata, Wash. After 32 satisfying and rewarding years, he was honored with the Distinguished Service Award in Washington, D.C. in 1985. Chuck enjoys playing golf. He and his wife have three children, Charles, Donna, and Candace.
Robert Kenline ’58 is retired in Brush Prairie, Wash. He has taught the fourth and fifth grade for 26 years in Prosser, Wash. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening and collecting wild flowers.
Marjorie (Lange) Bankhead ’58 and her husband, Don ’61, are retired in Candler, N.C.

Cleon White ’63 and his wife, Sandra (Clough) ’62, live in Berrien Springs, Mich. Cleon enjoys working as the principal of Andrews Academy. While at WWU, Cleon remembers meeting his future wife. He also enjoyed his physics and mathematics classes. Cleon and Sandra have two children, Eric and Suzanne Wein ’91.
Vivian (Marsh) Prewitt ’63 lives in Dunlap, Tenn. She retired after teaching for 20 years. She has had the opportunity to travel to Russia and the Cayman Islands and has even backpacked in the High Sierras. Her two sons, Eugene and Michael, are the joys of her life. One of her memories of WWU includes being moved to tears during a performance of Handel’s Messiah.
Judy Toop ’63 is currently residing in Auburn, Wash. where she works as a science teacher at Auburn Adventist Academy. From her time at WWU, Judy remembers the building of the church and high-rise girls’ dorm.
Betty (Alderson) Woodland ’63 and her husband, Dennis att., live in Berrien Springs, Mich. Betty works as an adjunct professor at St. Mary’s College and has played the organ for church for 53 years. Betty and Dennis have two grown children, Cherie and Heather.
Harvey Harden ’63 and his wife, Patricia (Munroe) att., live in Sandpoint, Idaho. While at WWU, Harvey remembers the dorm life in Sittner Hall, working part-time for Earl Munroe (who later turned out to be his father-in-law), and playing basketball in Columbia Auditorium. Harvey and Patricia have two children, Harian and Heidi.
Louise (Cowin) Bartholomew ’63 and her husband, Dale ’66, live in Charlotte, N.C. Louise and Dale have two children, Cameron ’94 and Mardene Fowler ’97.
Dave Stefonek ’63 and his wife, Karen (Rupert) ’72, have retired in Corbett, Ore. One of Dave’s life-changing experiences was bypass surgery, subsequent rehab, and a plant-based diet. Dave and Karen have two children, Karen and Krista.
Jere Franklin ’63 and ’65 and his wife, Linda, live in Chetwynd, British Columbia. Jere has written a book entitled “You Can Survive” about the preparation for the end-time events. Jere and Linda present seminars on the book and travel to churches in Canada. While in college, Jere remembers being re-baptized during one of Elder Huebach’s Week of Prayer services. Jere and Linda have two children Susan and Jedidiah.
Clyde Sample ’63 and his wife, Lou Ellen (Rasmussen) ’63, live in Spangle, Wash. Clyde’s hobbies include being a handyman and gardening. Lou Ellen enjoys sewing and photography. Clyde and Lou Ellen have three children, David, Laurinda Cutlip, and Raymond.
Larry Smick ’68 and his wife, Dana, are currently enjoying retirement in Bremerton, Wash. Larry worked at the Washington Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. From his time at WWU, Larry remembers the many excellent professors in the Biology Department. Larry and Dana have two children, Shelli and Kellen.
Darlene (Bakke) Clark ’63 and her husband, Dale ’60, are living in Curlew, Wash. She enjoys gardening, sewing, and crocheting. One of her favorite WWU memories is of Loren Dickinson’s vespers programs. Darlene and Dale have two grown children, Darilee Bond, and Duane.
Joseph Young Jr. ’63 and his wife, Virginia (Loop) ’62, live in Walla Walla. Joseph enjoys raising waterfowl and game birds. He owns a beautiful aviary which includes waterfalls and heated habitats for his birds. He enjoys canoe trips along the Washington Coast and the lakes in Teton National Park in Wyoming.
Nerita Machado ’63 lives in Kealakekua, Hawaii. Nerita changed professions in 1997 from working as a nurse to working as a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage therapist and instructor. While at WWU, Nerita remembers seeing snowflakes falling for the first time, meeting students from around the world, and the excellent kind-hearted professors.
Wayne Christensen ’63 and his wife, Sandra (Reimann) att., are currently enjoying retirement in Sequim, Wash. Wayne worked with a civil engineering company and is a cancer survivor. Some of his favorite WWU memories are engineering professors Cross and Bennett, skiing at Spout Springs, and meeting and marrying his wife, Sandra.
Maribeth (Vipond) Burns ’63 and her husband, Lowell, live in Brewster, Wash. Maribeth taught at Brewster Adventist School for 21 years. In her spare time, Maribeth enjoys helping with the music at her local church and gardening. Lowell and Maribeth have two children, David ’97 and Edith McCloskey att.
Fred Bunn ’63 and his wife, Gilda, are retired in Lakeland, Fla. Fred served for two years in the Army and later worked at the Army Research Lab. He has traveled to London, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and the Philippines. From his WWU years, Fred remembers winning a six-mile race, his physics classes, and being on the tumbling team. Fred has two children, Brenda Rivera and Jeff.
Ursella (Pierce) Ball ’67 and her husband, Vern, live in Wenatchee, Wash. Ursella enjoys gardening and spending time with family. She has three children, Joanie Lefore att., Marc ’74, and Lenn.
Kathleen (Geppert) Hoffman ’68 and her husband, Marlyn ’60, live in Canyon City, Ore. Kathleen has survived lead poisoning and cancer, but that hasn’t stopped her from having a strong relationship with Christ. She enjoys gardening, making quilts, and “going on God errands.” Kathleen has fond college memories preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Kathleen and Marlyn have one son, John att.
Janice Brock ’68 and her husband, Doug, live in Portland, Ore. Janice retired after 30 years of teaching high school. She enjoys yoga, painting, bicycling and spending time with friends.
James Henneberg ’68 and his wife, Jackie, live in Pasadena, Calif. James is a medical doctor. Jackie and James have three children, Jeff, Heidi Threadgill att., and Cameron.
Norman Klam ’68 and his wife, Marlene (Skula) att., reside in La Center, Wash. Both enjoy traveling and have been to 48 states, all provinces in Canada, and Cambodia. Some of Norman’s favorite memories at WWU include organizing the first hockey game against a Spokane team, business classes in the old Ad Building, and food at the Express. Norman and Marlene have two children, Cheri Oellrich ’99 and Jeff ’70.
Ruth (Duncan) Gruber ’68 and her husband, Jim, live in Soap Lake, Wash. Ruth is a substitute librarian and has two children, Yvonne ’79 and Eric ’80.
John Garner ’68 and his wife, Tenny (Thompson) ’69, are currently living in Twin Falls, Idaho. John works as superintendant of schools in a nearby town and Tenny works in mortgages/sales at Wells Fargo Bank. John and Tenny remember meeting for the first time in speech class at WWU. They have three children, Elly, John, and Jenny Lee Garner.
John Christensen ’68 and his wife, Barbara (DeFord) ’68, are retired in College Place. John’s hobbies include volunteering at his church and gardening. John and Barbara have three children, Shirley ’70, Cheri ’73, and Stan ’77.
E. Jeanne (Wilson) Battenburg ’68 and her husband, Joe, are currently living in Port Hadlock, Wash. Jeanne enjoys singing in a community choir, bird-watching, and gardening. Her favorite WWU memory is when she lived in Portland.
Phyllis Hall ’68 and her husband, Don ’68, are enjoying retirement in Happy Valley, Ore. Don works at Wellsource, a company he founded in 1984. Phyllis enjoys the outdoors and hopes to complete the Pacific Crest Trail. She hikes around 300 miles per season. Don hiked the Grand Canyon in one day when the temperature was 100 degrees. Phyllis and Don have two children, David ’93 and Heather Tourville ’97.
Gloria Davy ’68 resides in Carson, Wash. She works as the nurse in the Ray Yasui Unit.
Alton Olson ’68 and his wife, Doris, reside in Pendleton, Wash. Alton works as an industrial technology teacher for Echo High School. Alton and Doris have two children, Melanie Lawson ’92 and Tracy.
Marie (Huk) Kneller ’68 and her husband, Ralph ’66 and ’68, are currently living in Kelowna, B.C. Marie works as a ward clerk at Kelowna General Hospital. In her spare time, Marie enjoys reading, hiking and selling Shaklee Products. From her time at WWU she remembers being in love, feeling at home, and great times with friends. Marie and Ralph have two children, Julie ’92 and James ‘95.
Orletta (Wilson) Dealy ’69 and her husband, Donald Dealy ’48, reside in College Place. Orletta retired after 35 years of teaching. She enjoys volunteering at her church and fundraising for the local television station. Orletta has fond college memories of meeting her husband when playing volleyball.

Hayden Piper ’73 and his wife, Elizabeth Gudwer, live in Chandler, Ariz. Hayden works as a commercial realtor at Keller Williams Legacy One Realty. His hobbies include historic sightseeing, gold prospecting, and desert gardening. His favorite WWU memory is taking summer classes.
Barbara (MacDougall) Whiteaker-Hansen ’73 is retired and resides in Waitsburg, Wash. Her hobbies include gardening, knitting, and taking walks. Her favorite college memory is the Christian atmosphere. Barbara has seven children, Sharon, Russell, Alan, Warren, Valerie, Michael, and Shawn.
Ethlyn Obland ’73 currently resides in Grand Terrace, Calif., where she is the supervising public health nurse at the Department of Public Health. Ethlyn enjoys activities such as golfing, oil painting, photography, and snow skiing.
Marshall Merklin ’73 and his wife, Glenda (Petersen) ’74, live in Bonney Lake, Wash. Marshall is the principal at Northwest Christian School. In his spare time he enjoys music and photography. Marshall and Glenda have two children, Jennifer and Christopher.
John Anholm ’73 and his wife, Anne (Hazelton) ’73, live in Snohomish, Wash. John is a self-employed electrical engineer. John enjoys running, hiking, and traveling internationally. Anne works as an OB/GYN at a local clinic. Some of her favorite college memories include working for Marlene Finch, and trying to learn how to ski and mountain climb.
Judy Loop ’73 lives in Caldwell, Idaho. Judy works as a pediatric home health nurse. She enjoys playing flute and piano for community events. Judy remembers skipping classes, water skiing on the Columbia River, and the Christian experience through student involvement.
S. Gale (Hooker) Blankenship ’73 and her husband, Randy, live in Bickleton, Wash. Gale works full-time in Seattle area hospitals and Randy works on the 100-year-old, family-inherited farm. In their spare time, they enjoy Alpine hiking. Gale’s memories of WWU include graduation, her long-lasting friendships, and Friday afternoon shopping excursions into the “big” city of Walla Walla!
Wanita (Fullerton) Butler ’73 and her husband, Stephen ’75, live in Enumclaw, Wash. Wanita works as an accountant at a local business. She keeps busy with the renovation of her house and landscaping projects in the yard. She also enjoys time spent with her grandchildren. Wanita and Stephen have three children, Glenn att., Bambi Perrin, and Monty att.
Lesley (Hay) Harrison ’73 and her husband, Mike, live in Bellbrook, Ohio. After 30 years in nursing, Lesley left the nurs-
ing field to babysit her 13 grandchildren which she thoroughly enjoys. Mike and Lesley enjoy trips and touring on their motorcycles. They have three children, Kim Demeter, Rebecca Descalso, and Brittan.
Cheri (Christensen) Armstrong ’73 and her husband, John, reside in Athena, Ore. They spent a winter in England where Cheri worked on the Tower Hamlets Youth Offending Team. While they were in East London, both of them enjoyed traveling and seeing more than 20 plays. Cheri’s favorite WWU memory is pulling pranks with her friends when she should have been studying. John and Cheri have four children, Amy, Kristen Cacka att., Lige, and John.
Don Straub ’73 and his wife, Juanita, live in Kelowna, B.C., Canada. Don is the pastor at Son Valley Fellowship and the principal of Okanagan Adventist Academy. From his time at WWU, Don remembers the Bible conferences at Mt. Hood and Camp MiVoden.
Judy (Westergaard) Harvey ’73 and her husband, R. Bruce, live in Medford, Ore. Judy works as a registered dietitian for the Jackson Country WIC Program. She is currently redecorating her home. Judy and Bruce have two children, Shaen ‘01 and Andrew ‘06.
Wanda (Reiber) Woodruff ’73 and her husband, Ray ’57, are currently living in Vancouver, Wash. Wanda taught home economics at Milo and Livingstone academies for a total of 10 years. Wanda enjoys sewing, cooking, and needle crafts.
Montell Clendenon ’73 is enjoying retirement in McCall, Idaho. While at WWU, Montell remembers working with the EMS club. Montell has three children, Shari, Daren, and Christopher.
April (Munson) Hardinge ’73 and her husband, Fred ’73, live in Spokane, Wash. April works as a quality assurance nurse for the State of Washington. She enjoyed working as a student missionary in the Philippines and finds pleasure in backpacking, gardening, hiking, and sewing. While at WWU, April remembers the wonderful nursing instructors. April has two children, Karah and Brent.
Nancy (Huggard) Wilson ’78 lives in Auburn, Wash. She has worked as a registered nurse for a health corporation for the past 10 years. While at WWU, Nancy remembers the fun times on the Portland campus. Nancy has two children, Ryan curr. att., and Scott.
David Cowles ’78 and his wife, Linda (Kreye) att., lives in College Place. David works as a professor of biology at WWU. David and Linda have two children, Jonathan curr. att., and Joanna curr. att. From his time at WWU, David remembers worships by Walt Meske, being a student missionary, and being the teacher’s assistant for developmental biology.
Keith Wilkens ’78 and his wife, Joyce (Anderson) ’78, live in Spokane, Wash., where he works as a physician. Keith and his family enjoy playing outdoor sports together. Keith also enjoys woodworking, gardening, and music. Keith has three children, Taylor ’07, Emily curr. att., and Fletcher curr. att. Reflecting back on his time at WWU, Keith misses the teachers and great music.
Derrick Teal ’78 and his wife, Julie (Cole) att., are currently residing in Portland, Ore. Derrick has started several businesses in which manage aviation, healthcare, business consulting, and real estate. Julie is a hand therapist and owns a private practice. From his time in college, Derrick would like to thank Gary Wiss for recognizing his journalistic talents and Bill Napier for preparation and the many opportunities in physical education.
Sharon (Baker) Brothers ’78 and her husband, Roger, reside in West Linn, Ore. Sharon is the founder and CEO for the Institute for Senior Living Education, an online website designed to train future senior care providers. Some of Sharon’s favorite memories of WWU are the beautiful campus and the religion classes that challenged her thinking. Sharon and Roger have three children, Ashley, Brenna, and Kendall.
Tina (Cain) Anderson ’78 and her husband, Tom ’77, are living in Issaquah, Wash. Tina is currently the project manager for Siemens Ultrasound and enjoys combining health solutions with high technology. From her time at WWU, Tina remembers climbing Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens, lifeguarding at the college swimming pool, and volunteering at the radio station. Tina and Tom have two children, Kristen and Katherine.
Beverly (Rippey) Foster ’78 and her husband, James ’80, live in Beaverton, Ore. Beverly works as an accounting specialist at Digimarc. Beverly and James have two children, John ’07 and Laura att. Beverly says, “Our children have found that WWU continues to have a caring faculty, just as we enjoyed in our college years.”
David Chuljian ’78 is currently living in Port Townsend, Wash. He works as a dentist. In his spare time, David enjoys solo canoeing and kayaking trips in the Canadian subarctic rivers.
Pam (Hilde) Baumgartner ’78 lives in College Place. She is an Early Head Start nurse educator who works with young families. Pam and her late husband, Edwin, spent 15 years in mission work in Peru, Nicaragua, and Haiti. They adopted a sibling group from Peru: Belissa Whitehill, Henry att., Gabriela, att., and Luisa curr. att.
Connie (Casebolt) Godenick ’78 and her husband, Joe, reside in Spartanburg, S.C. Connie works as a self-employed wellness consultant. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking gourmet vegetarian food, playing board games, and educating others about nutrition and health. While at WWU, Connie remembers intramurals and hiking in the Blue Mountains. Connie has three children, Amy, Lisa and Laura.
Nancy (Adams) Cronnelly ’78 and her husband, Roy, live in Somerset, Calif. Nancy works as a registered nurse at a local hospital. She remarried in April 2007 and both of them “are in shock at how things turn out when you least expect it.” Nancy and Roy have two children, Aaron and Cari.
Carmen (Hammond) McWilliams ’78 and her husband, Steven, currently live in Maple Valley, Wash. Carmen works as an art instructor in the Kent School District. She has three children, Steven, Nathan, and Christine.
Thomas Hamstra ’78 and his wife, Dulce Prior-Ortiz, live in Happy Valley, Ore. Thomas works as the senior project manager for a local engineering company, and has had the chance to work on the delivery of large transportation projects. While at WWU, Thomas remembers Sabbath afternoon drives to South Fork.
Larry Bunnell ’79 and his wife, Maryann (Riesland) ’76, reside in Klamath Falls, Ore. Larry has served 14 years as a pastor there. He recently received his doctorate from the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Maryann works for the Klamath Falls City School. Larry and Maryann have two children, Joseph and Elijah.
Norma (Krauss) Nelson ’78 and her husband, Richard ’47, are enjoying
retirement in McMinnville, Ore. Norma has traveled to India where she was a medical missionary. One of her favorite college memories is meeting her husband. Richard and Norma have four children, Chris ’74, Nancy att., James ’79, and John ’80.

Terri Dawes ’83 and ’88 resides in Grandview, Wash. She works as the co-owner and director of ABC Preschool & Daycare Inc. Some of her favorite WWU memories include listening out her window to the singing in the courtyard.
Laurens Johansen ’83 and his wife, Linda, make their home in West Linn, Ore. Laurens works as a medical doctor. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, reading, gardening, and working on his car. During his time at WWU, Laurens remembers springtime, Rosario, playing in band and living in Sittner Hall.
Sendra Gunawan ’83 and her husband, Sutera, live in Avon Park, Singapore. Sendra enjoys reading and traveling. While at WWU, she remembers the Kretschmar Hall study room. Sendra and Sutera have five children, Jeffrey, Jonathan curr. att., Angeline curr. att., Merissa, and Maydina.
Kari (Kravig) Novak ’83 and her husband, Paul ’82, live in Yakima, Wash. Kari works as a registered nurse for a local doctor. Kari and Paul live in an orchard and own two-and-a-half acres of blueberry fields which keeps them very busy in the summer. They have one child, Melinda.
Mark Smith ’83 and his wife, Ivy (Gladden) att., reside in Anchorage, Alaska. Mark is the vice president for marketing and sales at a local business. His hobbies include commercial fishing with his family each summer. From his college days, Mark especially remembers Professor Alden Thompson as well as welding in the Canaday Technology Center.
Kevin Stinson ’88 and his wife, Shauna (Spady) ’89, live in Damascus, Ore. Kevin works as a U.S. Sales Manager for Ruby Company, LTD. He sings in a barbershop quartet and has won fifth place at an international contest for the past two years.
Shelley (Steiner) Rubin ’88 and her husband, Stephen, live in Walla Walla. Shelley works as a psychometrician at the Sleep Center in St. Mary Medical Center. Shelley has sung with the Blue Mountain Chorus of Sweet Adelines for the past 18 years. She enjoys jewelry-making and scrapbooking, but her passion lies with making desserts, especially chocolate desserts and candies. Shelly has two grown children, Adam and Heather.
Chris Shepard ’88 and his wife, Tami, are currently living in Battle Ground, Wash. Chris works as a teacher for Mountain View High School. They have one child, Jazmine.
Gart Curtis ’88 and his partner, Deb, live in Homer, Alaska. Gart is currently self-employed. He enjoys working on boats and life with their son, Leland. While at WWU, Gart remembers the remarkable people and the time he was lucky enough to spend with them.
Kurt Mehner ’88 and his wife, Jennifer, live in Seattle, Wash. Kurt is currently working as a drywall estimator. He enjoys coaching baseball and ski racing. Kurt has fond memories of his friend Roy Slaybaugh throwing a piece of chocolate cream pie at the wall of the cafeteria. Kurt and Jennifer have four children, Kyle, Dylan, Brock, and Bridgit.
Cristina Matos-Grys ’88 and her husband, John, reside in American Canyon, Calif. Cristina is a piano teacher. Some of her favorite college memories include hikes in the mountains, backpacking trips, and Friday night vespers. Cristina and John have two children, Jason and Kristofer.
Ann (Roach) Kracke ’88 and her husband, Arthur, are enjoying retirement in Portland, Ore. Ann enjoys volunteering at the Oregon Historical Society and Leach Botanical Gardens. From her college years, Ann remembers the support given to her and her colleagues as they sought their nursing degrees. Arthur and Ann have four children.
Kate (Kelley) Keltz ’88 and her husband, Jack, live in Wichita, Kan. Kate currently works as the purchasing manager at Precision Pattern. In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer. While at WWU, some of Kate’s favorite memories are “pinging” and having creative birthday parties with her friends. Jack and Kate have two children, Dan and Kinsey.
Kimberley Haynes-Henson ’88 and her husband, David, live in Omaha, Neb. Kimberley works as an anesthesiologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. In her spare time, Kimberley loves hanging out with her family and skiing. While at WWU, Kimberley enjoyed Friday night Vespers, teaching skiing at Bluewood, and eating ice cream at the Dairy. Kimberley has three children, Delaney, Danielle and Mackenzie.
Troy Towler ’88 and his wife, Minda, reside in Bremerton, Wash. Troy works as the engineering manager for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. His hobbies include playing games, pool, snowboarding, and traveling. While at WWU, Troy remembers hanging out at the student activities center and playing in College Bowl. Troy and Minda have two children, Victor and Miranda.

John Roe ’98 and his wife, Shari (Foster) ’98, are currently living in Vancouver, Wash. While at WWU, John remembers early morning math classes, and late nights in the SUN lab.
Kristin (Bergman) Fry ’98 and her husband, Scott ’98, reside in Milton-Freewater, Ore. Kristen works at home and is also a contract teacher for the WWU English Department. Scott and Kristin enjoy hiking and traveling. They have three children, Emily, Steven and Mara. Kristin’s favorite WWU memory was having classes in the “Shakespeare” room.
Christina (Bond) McGill ’98 and ’99 and her husband, James ’99, currently live in Days Creek, Ore. Christina is the head girl’s dean at Milo Adventist Academy. Christina loves to scrapbook, play tennis, and spend time with her family. Her favorite college memories of WWU include being a resident assistant and being a student dean in the women’s dorm.
Alison (Rue) Cover ’98 and her husband, Jay, live in Granite Falls, N.C. Alison currently works as an oncology nurse at a local healthcare center. Her greatest dream of working internationally was accomplished when she worked in Pakistan and India. Alison’s college memories include walks to Whitman Mission on Sabbath afternoons, and her incredible life-long friends.
Newt Zanes ’98 and his wife, Vicki, currently live in Helotes, Texas. They have two children, Audra and Elliot.
Victoria (Learned) Mills ’98 and her husband, Jeff ’99, reside in Fontana, Calif. Victoria is a physician assistant at a local private practice. Jeff and Victoria have one child, Matthew, who was born in 2007.
Melinda Russell ’98 and her husband, Craig, live in Meridian, Idaho. Melinda works as a licensed clinical social worker at Montgomery Counseling Center.

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