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2015 Awards Celebration Program

From the beginning, Walla Walla University has been blessed with the support of thousands of alumni and friends.  One important way they help is by giving to student aid.  These profiles of donors are an expression of appreciation to those who have established named scholarships, and it pays tribute to those people honored on these pages.  These individuals are parents, teachers, administrators, former students, and others.  They made a difference in someone's life.  And now, through the scholarship in their name, they are making a difference in a student's life.


Scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of academic achievement and financial need.  A student's work program may also be considered.  Some scholarships, as noted in the text, are designated for specific majors or have other restrictions.  The Scholarship Committee selects general scholarship recipients and faculty select the recipients of departmental scholarships.




A named scholarship gives people a way to make a gift that lasts and can also pay tribute to a family member or other special person.  Most named scholarships are endowed scholarships.  A donor's gift, usually $10,000 or more, is invested in an endowment fund.  Interest earnings from the endowment provide the scholarship monies (a small amount is reinvested). 

Annual scholarships are given by individuals each year.  Those who have established a tradition of giving toward an annual scholarship are included in this site.


If you would like to establish a scholarship, please contact the Breanna Bork in the Office of University Advancement at (509) 527-2635.

Annual Scholarship Profiles

Endowed Scholarship Profiles



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