Exercise Club

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Oct. 1-Nov. 30Jan. 14-Mar. 8 April 8- May 31


Students, Faculty & StaffCommunity
with t-shirt
$25 per class


Bosu stands for Both Side Up, 1/2 of a ball on a platform. It gets a full body workout all the while keeping your heart rate up!

Strength and Flexibility

Build strength, long lean muscle, and flexibility.


Also known as jump training. Based around exerting your muscles at maximum force in the shortest possible time.

Water Aerobics

*For students in the Exercise Club

Burn calories and get that heart rate up!  The water provides 10 times the resistance of land so you will tone that body while working out!

Bosu Strength and FlexibilityPlyometricsWater Aerobics
6:15 am-7:20 am6-7 pm7-8 am12 pm - 12:30 pm8:50am-9:50am5:30 pm-6:30pm
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