Hall of Leadership

There have been a number of men over the history of the college/university that have led this campus through many trying and wonderful years. Below you will find a list that contains their dates of service and a picture of them if one was available.

William W. Prescott (1892-94)
Ernest A. Sutherland (1894-97)
Emmett J. Hibbard (1897-98)
Walter R. Sutherland (1898-1900)
Edwin L. Stewart (1900-02)
Charles C. Lewis (1902-04)
Joseph L. Kay (1904-05)
Marion E. Cady (1905-11)
Ernest C. Kellogg (1911-17)
Walter I. Smith (1917-30)
John E. Weaver (1930-33)
William M. Landeen (1933-38)
George W. Bowers (1938-55) (Second Picture)
Percy W. Christian (1955-64)
William H. Shephard (1964-68)
Robert L. Reynolds (1968-76)
N. Clifford Sorensen (1976-85)
H. J. Bergman (1985-90)
Niels-Erik Andreasen (1990-94)
William G. Nelson (1994-2001)
John C. Brunt (2001)
N. Clifford Sorensen (2001-02)
Jon L. Dybdahl (2002-06)
John K. McVay (2006-present)

This list was complied from information in “60 Years of Progress : the Anniversary History of Walla Walla College” (1952), Terrie Aamodt’s “A Bold Venture : a History of Walla Walla College” (1992), and other sources.

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