Devoted Employees

Since Walla Walla College opened in 1892, there have been many devoted employees on campus.  Both staff and faculty have come to campus and served many hours assisting students in a number of capacities.  Below is a list of those faculty and staff who have given 20+ years of their lives to helping shape the next generation.  If you have a correction or addition, please email Walla Walla University Archives

Aamodt, Larry 1983-present

Aamodt, Terrie 1979-present

Adams, Karen 1984-2007

Anderson, Norman 1987-2012

Andrews, Kathryn 1958-1989

Aplington, Kenneth 1935-1965

Aplington, Marguerite Shropshire 1935-1967

Archer, Austin 1991-present

Bailey, Cindee 1991-present

Bakland, Debra 1984-2006

Barnett, Claude 1957-2000

Beem, Beverly 1976/7-present

Bennett, Fred 1961-1999

Bennett, George 1987-present

Bigger, Barbara 1982-2011

Bigger, Darold 1993-present

Blaich, Roland 1969-2000

Bowers, George Winfield 1925-1955

Brunt, John 1972-2002

Bullock, David 1976-present

Bungard, Susan 1992-present

Burghart, Pat 1986-2006

Caldera, Nanacy 1975-present

Cleveland, Nancy 1982-present

Cole, Jon 1964-2009

Collins, Ray 1919-1956

Copsey, Mark 1984-present

Cornelison, Nelle 1993-2013

Cross, Carlton 1981-2009

Cross, Edward Fulton 1947-1979

Cross, Nancy 1987-2009

Czeratzki, Reinhard 1967-1998

Daley, Richard 1987-present

Denny, Carolyn 1991-present

Denny, Marvin 1991- present

Dickinson, C. Loren 1962-2000

Duncan, Betty 1966-70, 1974-present

Emmerson, Tom 1974-present

Fisher, Allan 1980-2008

Fisher, Donna 1981-2008

Forsyth, James 1981-2011

Frohne, Rob 1988-present

Galusha, Joseph 1973-88, 1992-present

Gaskell, Carolyn 1978-present

Giarde, June 1967-1992

Gottschall, Terry 1986-present

Greenwalt, Glen 1978-2000

Gruesbeck, Kenneth 1964-1992

Grussling, Kevin 1992-present

Guldhammer, Kristy 1987-present

Hall, Jim 1980-2008

Hamburgh, Gary 1972-2006

Hannum, Jim 1983-2003

Hare, Gordon 1958-1994

Healy, Carol 1988-present

Heisler, Liz 1975-2007

Heisler, Rodney 1970-2006

Henderson, Robert 1967-2003

Henderson, Solange 1973-2004

Hepker, Wilma 1973-2006

Holmden, Winifred Lucille 1906-1941

Janke, Carolyn 1984-present

Jenny-Saltmarsh, Mary 1986-2007

Jimenez, Rosa 1985-present

Jolliffe, Ron 1989-present

Kehney, Shirlee 1983-present

Klein, James 1970-71, 1979-present

Klein, Trudy 1993-present

Kretschmar, George Gustav 1917-1950

Krueger, Kevin, 1987-2013

Kuhlman, Curtis 1983-present

Lamberton, Daniel 1981-1983, 1987-present

Lang, Melvin 1968-2001

Larsen, Shawna 1992-present

Lee, Steve 1983-present

Liebrand, Fred 1990-present

Ligman, Scott 1989-present

MacIvor, Karen 1984-2007

Mackin, Renee 1990-present

MacKintosh, Kenneth 1961-1995

Masden, Glenn 1961-1995

Mason, Jerry 1993-2013

Maxted, Glenn 1977-present

Maynard-Reid, Pedrito 1990-present

McChesney, Marja 1987-2010

Mehling, Jakob George 1947-1978

Meyer, Verlene 1973-2013

Mustard, Duncan 1991-2013

Nelson, Curtis 1980-83, 1988-present

Nestler, Jim 1991-present

Nash, Sid 1993-present

Nosworthy, Sylvia 1978-present

Osborne, Orpha 1948-1988

Peterson, Frank William 1913-1947

Popplewell, Ruth Hope Lawrence 1959-2002

Ragenovich, Cassie 1975-present

Redd, Joan 1992-present

Richman, Anne 1977-2007

Richter, Leonard 1978-present

Rigby, Donald 1958-1992

Rigby Donnie Thompson 1958-1992

Riley, Donald 1991-present

Rittenbach, Gail 1986-2010

Rittenback, Gary 1986-present

Rittenhouse, Robert 1976-2007

Rogers, Clara Edna 1901-1943

Scott, Bev 1971-75, 1976-78, 1993-present

Scott, Kraig 1986-present

Semotiuk, Nancy 1989-present

Sharon, Nancy 1977-2011

Shultz, Carolyn 1971-2005

Shultz, Dan 1979-2000

Simcock, Manford 1982-2006

Soper, Ward 1966-2008

Sorenson, Agnes 1938-1968

Stirling, Franice 1988-present

Stirling, Ralph 1988-present

Stuart, Eileen 1992-2012

Taylor, Doug 1978-present

Tetz, Karen 1986-present

Thompson, Alden 1971-2009

Thompson, Tom 1971-2013

Tiffin, Timothy 1992-present

Troutman, Fred 1974-81, 1982-2009

Veverka, Larry 1977-2008

Vories, Jeanne 1982-present

Whitechurch, Lois 1967-2001

Wagner, Lynn 1993-present

Wiggins, JoAnn 1987-2012

Wiggins, Ken 1968-1969, 1980-present

Windemuth, Cheri 1985-present

Windemuth, Tim 1983-2013

Winter, Eugene 1946-1978

Wiss, Gary 1967-2011

Wood, Robert 1976-2004

Wren, Valorie 1988-present

Wright, Evelynne 1947-1979

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